Bangkok City, a City That Never Sleeps

The capital city of the country having a nickname of the white elephant land is one of the world’s favorite tourist destinations. Modernization of Bangkok City does not make this city leave the traditional values that have existed from the past. Although Bangkok is known as a city prone to flooding, the government’s readiness to cope with these disasters keeps Bangkok City comfortable for you to visit.

Enjoying a holiday in Bangkok City don’t just enjoy the unique architecture and museum in Bangkok, but there are many things you can do when visiting Bangkok City. You can walk along the Chao Phraya River, a vast river that divides the city of Bangkok. You can take this river using a ferry boat or you can also use a cruise ship and there are much more fun that you will get if you vacation to Bangkok City.

Let’s Enjoy Tourist Attractions in Bangkok City

Bangkok city, which was once only a small trade centre and port, is now a foreign destination that has never been bored to visit. One thing you must know about Bangkok is the name chosen according to geographical conditions. The name Bangkok comes from the word ‘Bang’ which means village or city on the river bank. While ‘Makok’ is a type of plant that produces fruit. So it’s no wonder if you visit the capital city of Thailand, you will find rivers and oceans that become tourist destinations to spend vacation time.

1. Grand Palace

Bangkok - Grand Palace

This Thailand royal palace made of gold has the best views in Bangkok City. Inside this palace complex consists of several tourist buildings that will make you impress the other Wat Phra Kaew sala. This is a temple which contains a very well-known and highly respected Emerald Buddha from the 14th century.

2. Madame Tussauds Bangkok

Madame Tussauds Bangkok

For you all who want to take pictures with other countries and important figures, you can visit Madame Tussauds Bangkok. it is on the 6th floor of Siam Discovery where the museum is the same as a wax sculpture museum in another place, which in Bangkok City is full of wax statues of famous people from statesmen, religious figures, athletes and of course world artists.

3. Platinum Fashion Mall

Bangkok - Platinum Fashion Mall

Loving cheap but cool fashion products, you come to the famous shopping places in Bangkok city. Products sold are very close to the growing fashion trends and there are more than 1.500 rooms in the shopping area that occupy these 6 floors. All air-conditioned rooms have wide aisles between the stalls, so you can get perfect shopping without feeling too bad. Working hours are 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., every day (but many shops close before 6 p.m.).

4. Siam Ocean World

Bangkok - Siam Ocean World

Enjoying a holiday in Bangkok city, don’t forget to visit the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia, Siam Ocean World. There you can see 30,000 types of marine animals and various types of aquariums with different themes. This place is also very convenient for children because there is a place to play, so it is perfect for family tours in Bangkok city. Just wait up to 30 minutes there, you can see Siam Ocean World feeding sharks, or feeding penguins, and many more.

Cultural Tourist Attractions in Bangkok City

As one of the countries that are famous for its rich traditions and culture, Thailand also has many world-class artists. For this reason, an international standard art gallery was built to display many collections. The bias is that cultural tourism will be associated with ancient history and its legacy

1. Bangkok city National Museum

Bangkok National Museum

Located on Na Phra That Road, this museum can be reached on foot from the Grand Palace or Khao San Road. The museum that occupies the former king’s palace exhibits collections that tell the history and art of Thailand from various eras. Take a map when you enter the museum complex and determine what you want to see because if you explore one by one, it takes hours here.

2. Moca Museum Bangkok

Moca Museum Bangkok

You must know the most complete collection of contemporary art in Thailand called the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). You will be able to see many open holes in the wall so that the natural light of sunlight can enter the entire clean white building. The lotus statue in front of the entrance is a symbol of Bangkok’s MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art. To enjoy the whole work of art here it takes at least 4 hours and you will not feel bored because it is full of phenomenal artwork.

3. Vimanmek Teak Mansion

Bangkok - Vimanmek Teak Mansion

Located in the Dusit area, Vimanmek Teak Mansion is one of the interesting tourist attractions because of its architecture. It according to its name is a large palace all made of golden teak wood. Vimanmek Teak Mansion was once the residence of the king of Bangkok and is the largest teak palace in the world.

Tourist Attractions of Nature

Stop to think of Bangkok as a metropolitan capital in Thailand. The new experience you will get through the natural beauty of Bangkok and the fresh air available to you, it makes you feel relaxed. Besides this metropolitan city can also be considered as a tourist place that can blind you more relax and eliminate stress

1. Bang Krachao

Bangkok - Bang Krachao

Thinking about big cities like Bangkok can’t work together with nature, you might not know about Bang Krachao. This place is a vast green area that is across the Chao Praya River from Klong Toey. Similar to Koh Kret, this place was once a problem relocation area from Myanmar. The oasis in the centre of Bangkok city is mostly in the form of gardens and parks.

2. Bangkok City Butterfly Garden & Insectarium

Bangkok Butterfly Garden & Insectarium

It has quite a large collection of butterflies and insects from various parts of the world. Everything is put into the garden with the dome soaring so that no one can get out. If you want to experience an interesting educational tour in Bangkok, it is advisable to come here, especially during the summer when many butterflies come out of their pupils.

3. Dusit Zoo

Bangkok - Dusit Zoo

It is the oldest zoo in Bangkok which has a large collection of domestic and foreign animals. There are at least 1,600 animals from Thailand and abroad here, including albino deer and albino Bengal tigers which are very rare. This 20-hectare zoo only displays well-cared animals.

Religious Tourism Places in Bangkok

The Land of the White Elephant Country or Thailand is known as a country with a majority of Buddhist population. So, no wonder if travelling to Thailand would not be far from visiting temple complexes, such as Wat Arun, Wat Pho, or Wat Phra Kaew which are right in the heart of Bangkok. One of the destinations for tourists to come to Bangkok is to worship, here are the most visited religious tourism destinations in Bangkok.

1. Wat Arun Temple

Bangkok - Wat Arun Temple

This tourist and worship place is famous for its beauty when at night, especially when viewed from above a ship passing on the Chao Phraya River in the city of Bangkok. If you visit during the day, an interesting activity is to take pictures with the temple background. Indeed, the weather here is quite hot, almost similar to Pattaya.

2. Wat Pho Temple

Bangkok - Wat Pho Temple (1)

This older temple of Bangkok City is located next to the Grand Palace. Here is a huge Buddha statue in a sleeping position. The colour is golden. Unfortunately, the room where the Buddha statue felt crowded was packed with crowds of tourists, plus the pillars around it.

3. The Ton Son Mosque

Bangkok - Tonson Mosque

It is the first mosque in Bangkok that was built during the reign of King Narai. 330 years old, the Ton Son Mosque is the largest mosque built in Bangkok during Ayutthaya. Designed using terracotta on the roof and walls and decorated with wood on frames and doors, the Ton Son Mosque looks very majestic. Located just behind the majestic Wat Arun Temple, the Ton Son Mosque is suitable for those of you who want halal tourism located close to popular places.

Taste Variety Food in Bangkok

Taste Variety Food in Bangkok

Having vacation in Bangkok, Thailand feels incomplete if you don’t taste the food there. In addition to the beauty of tourist attractions there, this one destination is also known as a world of delicious culinary paradise. When you plan to vacation in Bangkok don’t forget to note the culinary delights typical of the Thousand Pagoda Country so as not to miss out.

1. Tom Yam

You must be familiar with Tom Yum because it has been popular with various countries. This soupy food with spicy sour taste is easily found in various restaurants. The filling consisting of various seafood and fresh vegetables will make the body feel warm and fresh at the same time. Even though you have often enjoyed it here, but tasting directly from your home country will definitely give a different sensation.

2. Pad Thai

Maybe for you often watch Thai films, it’s no stranger to seeing this food. Of course because Pad Thai is a good food in Bangkok. Fried Kwetiaw dishes cooked with complementary ingredients such as shrimp, eggs, chicken meat and sprouts will make this food more enjoyable. In addition, the spices used are quite diverse. Starting from sour, chilli, palm sugar, fish sauce, to Ebi. The portion is enough to make it full, perfect for those of you who have been adventurous all day exploring the sights there.

3. Coconut Ice Cream

Culinary tours will not be complete without trying a variety of desserts. Well, coconut ice cream in Bangkok is best eaten after you walk to Pasa Chatuchak. There are many sellers who serve this cold snack. The toppings were very varied, ranging from glutinous rice, corn, to green beans.

4. Sticky rice mango

If Tom Yum Goong is the favourite heavy food, then the mango sticky rice is a sweet snack that Bangkok has. This one food is a mix of the right mango pieces and sticky rice sticky rice. In the Khaosan Road area and its surroundings, these snack sellers are scattered everywhere, so you can choose those who sell at the best price.

Nightlife Venues in Bangkok

Nightlife Venues in Bangkok

Exploring Bangkok as the capital of the State of Thailand will never run out even though you come at night. This is because there are still many tours that you can use to fill your vacation at night. You will get various unique and fun things at night in Bangkok.

1. Asiatique the Riverfront

Where else can you enjoy culinary and romantic tours on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, except at Asiatique the Riverfront? In addition to various culinary stands, here are also Ferris wheel and various photo spots that will make you want to take pictures and not want to leave this place. This place is a former old river port in the past. But now, this European-designed place is used as a place of recreation, culinary centre, entertainment, and of course shopping.

2. Ratchadamri Road

Along the sidewalk on Ratchadamri road if the night before, it indeed changed to a night market. Not only the locals who hang out, are busy looking at the merchandise, but also foreign tourists. Starting from near Platinum Fashion Mall to Gaysorn Shopping Central, there will be merchants selling various trinkets.

3. Khao San Road

Khao San, a paradise for backpackers in Bangkok, is always enlivened by various stalls and street vendors from late afternoon to midnight. In addition, on the left and right of the road, there are also many bars, cafes, restaurants, travel agents, tattoo sites, reflexology and of course hotels and hostels are relatively cheap and become a magnet for tourists from all over the world.

Bangkok Souvenirs

Bangkok Souvenir

Lots of people go to famous countries, including Thailand for cheap shopping and delicious foods. Maybe you have heard your friends tell about the results of their shopping from the country of the pagoda or the discounts they get from Chatuchak. In addition to cheap clothes, goods and souvenirs from Bangkok, you should not miss when you’re there.

1. Sequined Wall Display

A typical gift of Bangkok is a display of sequined walls. This is an art craft that uses sequins to form an image and writing that will remind you of this white elephant country. Well, this sequined wall display motif can vary, but the most favorite is the white elephant motif that is very reflective of typical Thai souvenirs.

2. Sarong pants

It is a pant commonly worn by women in Thailand. The fabric of this pants is so cool that it makes it suitable for relaxing. At Chatuchak Market, you can find these pants easily. For your information, this Chatuchak Market is a weekly market. So, this market is only open on weekends.

3. Typical Thai Silk Fabric

Give special items to special people in your life. One of Thailand’s special and high-value souvenirs is the Thai Silk Fabric. The process of weaving Thai silk fabrics is truly natural and relies on human power. In addition, silkworms also produce natural protein fibres due to a strict diet of mulberry leaves.

Transportation in Bangkok

Transportation in Bangkok

Because Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and is a metropolitan city you don’t need to be confused about getting transportation to the place you are headed for. Malaysians can use buses as a means of transportation through various border checkpoints in Songkhla, Yala and Narathiwat provinces. While you from Laos can cross the Mekong River to the Thai border city of Nong Khai, then move to Bangkok. However, you can get from Curip and Aranyaprathet.

The train is a transportation that can be used for you from Singapore and Malaysia. Through the city of the Butterworth row in Malaysia, you can get to Bangkok without having to stop saying the train. Facilities provided through this train service, namely first class sleeping cars, can make train travel to Bangkok more enjoyable.

For those of you who cannot use land transportation, you can use the main transportation for Bangkok. As a major international centre for air travel, Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) in Bangkok city provides a wealth of facilities that will make you comfortable. Don’t worry when you can also find the various train, bus, taxi and limousine services that will take you to all districts in the Bangkok metropolitan area.

So, how was it? Are you ready to explore the vibrant city of Bangkok? Don’t miss out on the incredible sights, mouth-watering cuisine, and fascinating culture that await you. Start planning your trip now and book your flights with Airpaz for the best deals. Get ready to immerse yourself in the charm and excitement of Bangkok!

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