Batu Cave in Malaysia: A Holy Place for Hindu Faith

The location Batu Caves Malaysia is only 13 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur to the north, Batu Caves Malaysia is the caves within the limestone abutments of the country.

There is natural spooky labyrinth inside Batu Caves that makes it so iconic and invite most tourists to visit.

In the cave area, there are Hindu Temples that make hundreds of thousands of pilgrims come to the caves every year, especially in the Thaipusam Festival between late January and early February.

To reach the cave, visitors should climb 272 steps of staircases. But it is worth since you can have the beautiful view and see many monkeys along the way.

Batu Cave History


The giant Batu Caves have been formed since 400 million years ago. Some entrances of the cave were used by the native Temuan People as shelters.

In 1860, Chinese settlers excavated the cave to fertilize vegetables, but after colonial authorities recorded the limestone hills in 1878, it soon became popular for the amazing natural look.

In 1890, an Indian trader installed a consecrated statue called murti and made the main entrance of the cave in vel shape as a temple dedicated to Lord Murugan.

Since the establishment of the Temple Cave, Thaipusam Festival is always celebrated there since 1892.

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What to Do in Batu Cave?


There are some interesting things that can be done when you are in Batu Caves Malaysia.

One of the top activities is exploring the Dark Cave.

The tour will explore 850 meters of totally 2 kilometers long cave with the guidance of Malaysian Nature Society.

Visiting the temples like Temple Cave and Ramayana Cave is also a great thing to do since you can learn the history.

Near the staircase, there is a restaurant that offers Batu Caves best food; a worthy thing to try.

How to Go to Batu Cave?

The easiest way to reach Batu Caves Kuala Lumpur is by commuter train.

The one-way train ticket costs RM2.6; from KL Sentral to the Batu Caves Komuter Station in the Batu Caves location.

You also can take an 11/11d bus to reach Batu Caves from Bangkok Bank Terminus that closes to Puduraya Terminus.

Besides, you also can take a U6 bus from Titiwangsa to Batu Caves. It is also easy to reach the cave area by car.

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Happy traveling!


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