Typhoon Lan Japan: Why You Need to Be Careful

Typhoon Lan in Japan
source: edition.cnn.com

Everyone who travels to Japan or has a plan to travel to the country gets the warning to be careful. because of typhoon Lan It is because of the great storm that threatens Japan in the last two days.

The flights that arrive and depart in the country must be restricted until the natural disaster calming down.

In order to avoid more victims and enjoy your traveling more, you should follow the instructions from the local government.

Typhoon Lan Japan

Source: edition.cnn.com
Source: edition.cnn.com

According to CNN, two people have become killed victims and many people have become the injured victims because of the mammoth storm with the heaving dangerous winds and potentially cause great flooding and landslides.

On early Monday, a landfall happened along the southern coast of Japan close to MInamiizu. The CNN meteorologist explained that the movement of the typhoon reached 59 kilometers per hour of speed and the winds whipped in 165 kilometers per hour of speed, making it be category 2 storms.

More than 2 million homes were advised to prepare for the evacuation and about 200,000 people have gotten the order.

Meanwhile, 63 years old man was killed for the striking of construction scaffolding that fell against him.Another victim was found in Osaka, a woman who was in a flooded car.

The storm has been quite weakening now, but Tokyo is still possible to get heavy rains and damaging winds. In the past 72 hours, the rain falls were recorded higher than 500 millimeters in some parts of the country.

Even the rainfall was recorded up to 894 millimeters in Shingu. The meteorologist said that even larger typhoon happened in South Korea, causing great waves on the sea.

Because of the bad weather against Japan right now, it is much recommended to be extra careful with everyone who is going to travel to Japan.

Avoid the cities that are predicted still having great sums of rainfalls and great winds or storms due to the Typhoon Lan. For those who have been in Japan, make sure you always get the new update about Typhoon Lan in Japan and be sure the cities that are going to visit are safe from the big storm.

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