Enjoy the Beauty of Taman Seribu Bunga, a Valley with a Thousand Flowers in Berastagi, Medan

Taman Seribu Bunga Berastagi in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia, have you been there? The name Taman Seribu Bunga literally means the garden of a thousand flowers. It is a term to describe a beautiful valley with numerous flowers grown there. Those flowers are colorful but the pink ones are dominating. Well, can you imagine how beautiful it is?

The History of Taman Seribu Bunga

Valley of a thousand flowers or “Taman Seribu bunga”, a tourist destination in the city of Medan
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The development of Taman Seribu Bunga had been planned by people in the Berastagi Medan. However, it could not be realized soon since some people still felt doubtful about the plan. It is reasonable. At that time, it was quite difficult to make a valley that was fully planted with numerous flowers just like the name.

In the beginning, the developer indeed targeted an area of 2 hectares for the garden. They were inspired by the Hitsujiyama Park in Japan which is internationally popular. Currently, the area of the garden has not reached 2 hectares yet. But you should not worry that the development is still ongoing.

Some groups of people and communities give a contributed to this project. One of them is the Solidaritas Penanaman Bunga community (the community of Flower Planting Solidarity). The community also initiates the development of Taman Seribu Bunga as well as they provide seeds of flowers to make the garden as beautiful as possible.

Tourist Spots in Taman Seribu Bunga

Bunga-Tourist spot
Tourist Spot in “Taman Seribu Bunga”, North Sumatera
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Before Taman Seribu Bunga, you may go abroad to enjoy flower garden tourism. The closest destination for such an attraction is the Garden by the Bay located in Singapore. Or, you should also go to Japan for the Hitsuyama Park and Takinoue Garden. Now, you can also see such a beautiful garden in Indonesia. Of course, there are some spots to make you just want to stay in Taman Seribu Bunga longer. Here is what to enjoy in this tourist destination.

• A Beautiful Landscape of the Flower Valley

The main destination to enjoy here is a beautiful large flower garden. Seeing from the height, it looks like an outlay of pink carpet. Even if you have not arrived at the location yet, you can enjoy the stunning atmosphere of the valley. The air is refreshing and there are also green bushes around.

Although the garden has not been completely done, many parts of the garden start to be filled with colorful flowers. Of course, the landscape is very interesting to see. You can do many activities here including walking around to enjoy the unique tourist destination you may have never seen before.

• Fun Photo Spots

Aside from walking or maybe jogging around the garden in the morning, there is also another activity everybody must like. It is taking photos and doing selfies. The beautiful landscape of Taman Bunga Seribu Warna in Berastagi Medan is worth capturing and perpetuating. So, make sure to have some of them and then upload them to your social media account.

The developer of the garden also provides you with some fun outdoor photo spots. They are designed in such a way to make the photo result look more unique and interesting. And yes, the photo spots still have the flower valley background. Anybody just knows that you are in this garden once you post it.

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• Batak Houses

The location of the flower garden Berastagi is not too far from the local neighborhood in the Barusjahe District. Uniquely, some houses in this area are rented for the garden’s visitors. Each of the houses has prepared many bedrooms where you can stay. The number of rooms to rent are starting from 8 to 12. So, if you want to spend some nights in Taman Seribu Bunga, don’t worry.

The houses with bedrooms for rent are also different from other conventional houses. They are traditional Batak houses with typical designs along with unique details. The Batak tribe is indeed well-known for its Bolon houses which each house is usually for 4 to 5 families. Sure, you can also learn about a Batak culture when being there.

• Rafting Area

After visiting Taman Seribu Bunga, the next place to enjoy is the rafting area. Yes, there is a river naturally there in which the stream is very suitable and ideal for rafting. Make sure to splash there to relax your mind even more.
Interestingly, even the famous Lake Toba is also located not too far from the garden. Mainly for you who come from areas outside Medan, make sure to visit it also.

Nearest Hotel Recommendation

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RedDoorz near Mikie Holiday Funland Berastagi
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Kaesa Homestay 
Sapo karo rest house
Sapo Karo Rest House 

How to Get Taman Seribu Bunga

Okay, you have read the description of this new tourist location in Medan. But how to get there? This attraction is located in the Barusjahe Village, Karo, North Sumatera, not far from Medan. The access to reach the village has been good. From Medan, you can reach the location in 3 hours only with a distance of 72km. So, make sure to use your own car or you can also rent it. Of course, going there in a group with a bus is also recommended.

Indonesia offers many scenic landscapes and attractions you should not miss. One of them is Taman Bunga Berastagi, a large valley with an outlay of colorful flowers. So, are you interested in visiting this place? To get there, make sure only to buy tickets and book accommodation on Airpaz.com or Airpaz Apps.


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