Attention! Before Going to Boracay

Natural scenery in the Philippines is indeed well-known as interesting and full of uniqueness. One of the tourist attractions that has natural scenery and is a favourite for tourists is Boracay. Boracay is a small island that is located 315 km from Manila.

In 1990 this tourist destination was chosen as one of the best beaches in the world by the BMW Tropical Beach Handbook. In addition, in 1996 it was crowned a tropical beach by TV Quick. This island which is part of the Aklan Province is indeed known for having a beautiful beach.

The beauty of Boracay beach has not been enjoyed by tourists since last April. This is because many tourists who are not concerned about the environment cause damage and pollution. In addition, waste disposal from the hotel further aggravates the natural conditions of Boracay. Meanwhile, although Boracay has a sufficient supply of water, unfortunately, it is not matched by sufficient wastewater treatment facilities.

But on 26 October 2018, the island that has white sand and clear water will be enjoyed again. But the Philippine government gave several policies to prevent beach pollution and damage from happening again.

Before going to Boracay beach, pay attention to some of the rules that you should know.

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Before Going to Boracay Island

• The number of tours will be limited

Enjoying the Boracay beach you will not get free as before because visitors will be restricted. Approximately 19,215 tourists who can enjoy this beach with a predetermined time. With an access card to monitor entry to the island, you also cannot stay for more than 3 days. As for hotel and restaurant owners, the Government only allows 3,000 rooms that can operate as long as the company complies with the existing laws and regulations.

• Having Party on the beach is prohibited

In addition to the limited number of visitors, the Government also banned beach parties including the annual Labor Day parties dubbed Laboracay. But it is permissible for you who want to party with your friends inside the hotel. Companies that have a place to the party are required to have a noise insulation system within bars and restaurants to let some tourists stay within the areas of sleep.

• Water activities are prohibited.

Doing water activities such as diving, snorkelling and other water activities are prohibited. The purpose of the ban is to rehabilitate coral and to increase marine biodiversity. You will not find tables and chairs prepared by masseurs in Boracay, as well as henna pop-up tattoos along the beach for limiting movement in the area.

• Prohibition of Smoking

The number of beach visitors who throw cigarettes carelessly makes the government prohibit smoking in the beach area. This is implemented so that the beaches with beautiful white sand can be enjoyed by tourists without having to worry about environmental pollution.

• Vendor Reduction

Vendors who will enter the island are also regulated by the government so that the waste that becomes a problem can be overcome. Various regulations are applied to overcome waste, namely by prohibiting the use of single plastics. This caused the company not to be allowed to distribute plastic straws, bags, or styrofoams and use environmentally friendly toiletries. If the company violates the rules, it will be punished.

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