Mastering the Basics: Top Beginners Guide MRT in Singapore

In fact, the MRT Singapore is surely one of the best ways to get around the modern country. Singapore is a small yet sophisticated country, probably the most advanced one in Southeast Asia, and it has everything to modernize the transportation system in the country, including MRT. Below, you will read everything you must understand about MRT, so you can easily use them.

Beginners Guide MRT in Singapore

Beginners Guide MRT in Singapore
MRT in Singapore

Well, this is what a beginner should look for when it comes to the transportation system. It includes the definition of the MRT system itself to the rules when you are getting inside the train. Before trying the MRT, it is better to read this information below, indeed. Here they are.

What is MRT Singapore?

what is MRT 1
MRT or Mass Rapid Transport is the one of popular public transportation in Singapore

MRT Singapore stands for Mass Rapid Transport Singapore. Sometimes, it is known as SMRT or the Singapore Mass Rapid Transport. It is a transportation system in the form of the fast train with modernized technology all over it. There are more than 100 MRT stations all around Singapore, and it has become the number one public transportation for the country.

Where to Get the Ticket?

where to find ticket 1
You can get EZ card to use MRT in Singapore at several stores and kiosks

The best way to get the ticket to MRT Singapore is to buy an EZ Card. It is available in several stores and kiosks around the country. The card contains the value of SGD 5, 7, and 12. You can choose which one you need the most. Each time you want to hop into the MRT, simply use the card and the balance will be deducted automatically.

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Where Can the MRT Take You?

MRT can take you to 1
You can go anywhere according to your destination with MRT Singapore

For your information, the transportation system can take you all across the island, from downtown Singapore to the infamous Orchard Road. The MRT is also available to take you from Little India to other famous destinations like in Marina Bay and Chinatown. Every tourist destination in Singapore is normally accessed by MRT, and thus you won’t have to worry about how to get there.

The MRT railway is often displayed on the Singapore map, too. You won’t find it hard to find the destination, and it will basically take you all across the country with ease. The most popular destination where people take the MRT is to get to the Changi Airport, which is basically the best airport in Southeast Asia, if not the world.

How Much Would the Trip Cost?

MRT cost 1

The trip will cost you around SGD 1-2, depending on how far the destination is. The cost to get around the country is not considered as expensive, and the ticket is totally refundable if something happened or you have to cancel the trip. This is the reason why using MRT Singapore is mandatory, especially for anyone visiting Singapore for the first time. It saves a lot of money compared to using the taxi or any other transportation method available in the country.

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How to Find the Station?

SIngapore route map 1
MRT Stations Board in Singapore

Since there are so many MRT stations in Singapura, you have to find the right one, so you won’t get confused along the way. You can find the station by installing apps on your phone. There are quite a lot of apps established to help find your way around Singapore’s MRT, say for example Singapore Transport Maps, and many more.

Getting on the Train

entrance 1
You have to check in with use EZ card for passing the entrance at MRT station

Once you get to the station, you have to check-in before getting on the train. Singapore is a modern country with advanced technology all over the place. Therefore, checking in using MRT Singapore is just the same. You get to the station, use your EZ card, and then check-in using a massive sophisticated plasma display in the station.

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The Rules Inside the Train

Rules 1
There are several rules you must follow when you’re in MRT Singapore

When you are inside the Singapore MRT train, there will be some rules you have to follow. First, remember that Singapore is the cleanest country in Southeast Asia. Therefore, there are rules not to litter and not to make any sort of mess inside the train. If you do that, you will be fined and you will not want that to happen.
In addition, there are also strict rules about not eating inside the train. You are not allowed to eat or even chew gums inside the train. You cannot bring foods or anything with strong odors or smells that may spread across the train, including durian fruit, of course.

According to the information below, surely MRT Singapore is indeed beneficial for all visitors and basically everyone living in Singapore. For you who need the ticket to get to Singapore, the best way to get it is via Airpaz. Visit or use its downloadable app on your smartphone. Well, you can order plane tickets and anything accommodation-related bookings with it. Soon after, you can enjoy MRT Singapore for sure.


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