Beginners’ Guide to Use MRT in Singapore

source: mothership
source: mothership

Singapore has been known to bring many transportation facilities to world-class tourist attractions. Sometimes, more than a few first-time travellers still do not know how to use the transportation in Singapore.

As we know that there are many types of it, providing comfort to the timeliness to the user. Therefore, several travellers from abroad are still confused about how to utilize the transportation, especially riding the Singapore MRT.

A transportation facility such as MRT in Singapore is very qualified because this Mass Rapid Transit is a major vehicle in Singapore. Regarding the commonly used and passing routes by this MRT, they can still be memorized either from north to south until from east to west. Well, for those of you who want to plan a vacation to Singapore, you should first carefully look at what kind of guide using MRT in Singapore.

  • Finding the MRT Station

First, find the location of nearest MRT station which travelers usually use an additional tool in the form of maps containing information on the location of MRT in Singapore for a faster and simpler solution, or you can also use the second way, i.e. installing Singapore Transport Maps application on your smartphone, so the process finding MRT station could be easier.

  • Reading the MRT Network Map

Next, you should also read the MRT network map which is very important as the entrance instructions of the ticket engine location to other passenger services. An MRT station in Singapore usually has already provided the information about the MRT network map so you know where the stop or transfer to various tourist sites.

  • Buying Tickets

The guide using MRT in Singapore Certainly can’t be separated from the role of standard tickets or you can use EZ link card. MRT is becoming the main transportation in Singapore that many travellers often take advantage, and therefore EZ-Link card becomes the most flexible way to buy the tickets. However, you can also use standard tickets that can be found in General Ticketing Machines or GTMs.


  • Ticket prices MRT Singapore

The price of MRT Singapore tickets still tends to be cheap one Until now. Take for example when you want to go from Changi airport to the Bugis, then the price can reach 1.61 Dollar Singapore, while from Changi to Orchard you will be charged for 1.75 Dollar Singapore, and from Changi to Chinatown is still priced around 1.78 Singapore Dollars.

  • Considering the Most Visited Routes

Usually, some locations such as how to ride the MRT from Harbourfront to Bugis need a guide as Harbourfront is the last stop of the MRT. Meanwhile, you can use more simple routes to Bugis, for example, the one which passes Dhoby Ghaut then choose the purple path to Bugis.

To ride the MRT from Changi to Orchard is also easier because Changi Airport is on the eastern green line and Orchard on the red line, so you have to change the train line to get to Orchard. Go down at the white point of Tanah Merah Interchange then move to Joo Hoon with the Orchard destination list.

  • Checking In

The check-in process is also very important and must be done by every MRT passenger. It can be done quickly while the arrival time of the train can be seen on the plasma TV screen around the station.

  • Watching Out When Inside the Train

When being at the station until the inside of MRT, every passenger is not allowed to consume food, drinks, chewing gum, smoking or carrying fruit that gives off the odor like durian or other. So, you must understand the rules well when using the MRT to avoid sanctions or fines.

The guide information using MRT in Singapore is very important for travellers, so every holiday time will be felt more comfortable. Do not forget to find the ticket prices to Singapore at cheap prices only at Airpaz