Must See, Visit, and Eat In Beijing, China

As a metropolis in northern China and the capital of China, Beijing is a major transportation hub, with dozens of railways, roads, and motorways passing through the city. Beijing is the destination of many international flights arriving in China because it is regarded as the political, educational, and cultural central of China.

Beijing located in the North Temperate Zone with a continental monsoon climate with an annual mean precipitation of 630 mm. Because Beijing has four seasons, you can enjoy your vacation here with many tourist attractions in every season. Enjoy your holiday in the summer.

Let’s Enjoy Tourist Attractions in Beijing

Beijing is one of the cities in China that is always crowded with tourist visits because it has a beautiful and exotic tourist location. In fact, many of the most popular tourist attractions in China come from Beijing. In addition, this city has many historical buildings that still stand strong today. Therefore, in addition to tourist attractions in Shanghai that must be visited, Beijing is also a must for you to visit. For those of you who want to travel to tourist attractions in Beijing, let’s see the recommended place in Beijing.

1. The Great Wall

Beijing The Great Wall 2

Who doesn’t know this place? His name has been popular all over the world. The building has a length of approximately 8,800 km in one of the wonders of the world. You will see this building like a dragon, which extends from east to west of China. So it’s no wonder that this great wall in the past functioned as a stronghold of Chinese troops from enemy attacks.

2. Tiananmen Square

Beijing - Tiananmen Square

The world’s largest city square Tiananmen Square can be your destination in exploring Beijing. You can stay here and observe all visitors from China. There is the raising of the flag and the ceremony of lowering at dawn and dusk at the north end of the square. There are also 4 marble lions in front of the Tiananmen gate.

3. Beijing Olympic Park

Beijing Olympic Park 1

Because rapidly as entire city blocks were cleared to make way for new hotels, modern buildings, and sports center in 2008, Beijing changed. Here you can see the Herzog & de Meuron–designed National Stadium having an exterior crafted from 42,000 tons of steel.

4. Red Gate Gallery

Beijing - Red Gate Gallery

Founded by Australian expat Brian Wallace 1991, the gallery is located inside Dongbianmen. Visiting this gallery you can see the gallery exhibiting work from well-known contemporary Chinese artists on the first floor. In addition to the gallery exhibition, you can see the history of the surrounding Chongwen District in the second and third floors.

5. 798 Art Zone

Beijing 798 Art Zone 2

Loving art so much, you can visit 798 Art Zone located in an old, decommissioned complex of military factories. Here you can see the unique Beijing art scene, 798 is your spot. In addition art zone, you can find a number of cafes set up and do a spot of sightseeing and snap some photographs.

Tourist Attractions of Nature in Beijing

Although Beijing is a metropolitan city, you must visit a variety of natural beauty in the form of city parks. In addition, you can also see large trees so you don’t need to be afraid to look for shelter.

1. Summer Palace

Beijing Summer Palace 2

Being in this historical heritage building makes you like living at the time of the Summer Palace Empire. At first, this place was just a hill, but when Emperor Qianlong came to power, near the Summer Palace was made a vast and quiet lake that resembled West Lake in Hang Zhao. Combined with palace architecture that is thick with oriental nuances and natural scenery makes you feel at home here.

2. Ritan Park

Beijing - Ritan Park

This park is regarded as one of Beijing’s most peaceful parks, an oasis of calm in a busy area. Usually, Locals come here to stretch their legs or practice tai chi without tourists who tend to clog other green spaces in the city center. Nearby Ritan Park, you can see home to the Temple of the Sun built-in 1530.

3. Beihai Park

Beijing - Beihai Park

In addition, having many incredible histories, Beijing has many beautiful parks, one of them is Beihai Park. The park first built in the 11th Century is a beautiful park and is also home to a number of photo-worthy monuments and sites. You can also climb aboard a ducky boat and float around the lake here.

4. Shichahai Lake

Beijing - Shichahai Lake

This lake is an artificial lake that is used by the surrounding community as a place of recreation and other activities. This lake has an area of 147 hectares. You can also visit this lake just for refreshing, sightseeing, and fishing.

5. Xiangshan Park

Beijing Xiangshan Park 2

The park is built on 400 hectares of land, with green trees and hills that decorate it. Some pavilion buildings also decorate the park which is included in the 10 largest parks in China. The uniqueness of this park lies in its building which is built on a hill as high as 500 meters, so you can see the sights of Beijing from above the top of this park.

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Religious Tourist Attractions in Beijing

Because since ancient times China, including a country that has many religions including in Beijing, you can see the remains of temples and mosques here

1. Temple of Heaven

Beijing - Temple of Heaven

Called Temple of Heaven is a temple that was built in 1420 serves as a place of worship to the gods. The kings who lived in the Ming and Qing Dynasties always worshipped at this temple in Beijing. Even though it is hundreds of years old, you can enjoy the architecture outside and inside which its durability is maintained. In fact, this temple is also designated as a world heritage by UNESCO.

2. Confucius Temple

Beijing - Confucius Temple

The temple built to pay tribute to China’s greatest sage and his lasting legacy is dedicated to a mortal rather than a deity; regardless. Here you can see Confucius’ funeral tablets in The Hall of Great Accreditation, while the Hall of Great Perfection features the central shrine to the scholar and a large collection of ancient musical instruments.

3. The Niujie Mosque

Beijing - The Niuje Mosque

The mosque which was built in the 996 Liao Dynasty is located on Liar Road in Xicheng District (formerly Xuanwu District). This is one of the largest and oldest mosques in Beijing with 6,000 square meters with the main prayer room measuring 600 square meters with building construction influenced by Islamic and Han architecture.

4. The Jinshifang Street Mosque

Beijing The Jinshifang Street Mosque 2

Built during the reign of Emperor Xuande during the Ming Dynasty, this mosque resembles a classic Chinese palace of the Ming Dynasty style. You can find 150 volumes of Arabic classics and 100 volumes of Persian classics preserved here. In addition, The Jinshifang Street Mosque is the center for the Islamic Association of Xicheng District.

Cultural Tourist Attractions in Beijing Never End

Cultural Tourist Attractions

Culture in Beijing will never be lost because there are so many historical buildings that still stand firm in this metropolitan city.

1. Forbidden City

Start your traveling to Beijing by visiting the Forbidden City which is the symbol of imperial power. The museum built in Yongle Period, Ming Dynasty (1406 A.D. – 1420 A.D.) has the largest and well-preserved wooden building complex of the world. Besides, like the Imperial Palace Museum, this place is listed by UNESCO as the largest collection of preserved ancient wooden structures in the world.

2. Hongcun Ancient Village

The striking Huangshan mountain backdrop has long drawn in-the-know Chinese visitors. You can enjoy the tranquil vibe and distinctive architecture. Another this you can be walking the narrow lanes paved with quartzite and seeing farmers working in the 900-year-old village.

3. Tiger Hill

Looking at it carefully, you will see the towering building in Beijing called Tiger Hill is similar to the Pisa Tower in Italy because the shape is tilted a few degrees. However, compared to the Tower of Pisa, Tiger Hill has a larger size. Inside Tiger Hill, there is a grave of King Helu who is said to be buried along with 3,000 swords and about 1,000 people who built it were killed.

4. Peking Opera

The Beijing style is perhaps the most notable and internationally recognized in Chinese Opera. It’s because the Beijing style has dazzling costumes, elaborate makeup, and amazing acrobatic feats which are among the highlights of typical performance. To enjoy the opera you can visit the National Central for the Performing Arts or the Liyuan and Huguang Guild Hall.

Taste Beijing Variety Food

Beijing Variety Food

You must feel the taste of Chinese food including the city of Beijing. This is because there are so many unique and delicious foods that make you addicted

1. Peking Roast Duck

As a typical Beijing food that must be tested, this food is famous throughout the world. In addition, recipes that do not change from time to time make this food always preferred. as one of the most delicious recipes in the world, Peking Roast Duck have unique flavors and is suitable for those of you who are hungry.

2. Instant Boiled Mutton

Having your meal with a famous Beijing dish which dates back to the Yuan Dynasty Instant Boiled Mutton. This food is made from sliced mutton put in a hotpot and boiled in soup. You can enjoy this food with sesame sauce, preserved bean curd, leek flower, and sliced spring onion.

3. Bean Soup

Don’t ever miss to taste a traditional soup with a distinctive flavor in Beijing, Bean Soup. The soup called Dou Zhier is greyish green, mellow, sour and slightly sweet. You can get this food for your lunch.

4. Lu Zhu Huo Shao

The cake which is a popular dish in Beijing is wheaten cake boiled in meat broth. There are many ingredients making this food like baked wheaten bread, tofu, pork chop, chitterlings, and pork lung.

5. Guan Cheng

If not hungry, you can taste a popular snack for native Beijing people, Guan Chang. Flour or starch mixed with some spices will be stuffed into prepared pigs’ intestines. You can have this food served with mashed garlic sauce.

Nightlife Venues in Beijing

Enjoy your night by visiting every nightspot that has been presented by the city of Beijing.

1. Watch a Kung Fu Show

Enjoy one of the earliest and most enduring sports, Chinese kung fu in Red Theater. Come to this place at 7.00pm and enjoy a uniquely Chinese style of martial arts utilizing both brawn and brain.

2. The Hutong Alleys

Enjoy your night with visiting the best place to experience local life. This place is a winding and maze-like narrow alleys of old Beijing for seeing residents playing mahjong in the street, enjoy a jamming session on traditional instruments or finding a local restaurant for your dinner.

3. The Simatai Great Wall

One of the spots in the night for seeing the night views of the majestic Great Wall. This place is the only section open for visiting in the night. You can get the opportunity to a night walk on the subtly-lit wall and see the ancient heritage in the cool and tranquillity of night.

4. Sanlitun

This place known as Bar Street can be visited to experience Beijing’s vibrant nightlife. Here is famous for catering to foreigners and young Chinese with its countless drinking establishments. Look for a comfortable place shouldn’t take too long to find a place you like because this place has many best places for enjoying your nightlife.

Beijing Souvenirs

Beijing Souvenirs

Souvenirs never miss when going on vacation because this is the characteristic that you have gone there. Lots of unique souvenirs that you can find in this metropolitan city

1. Neiliansheng shoes

The first choice for souvenirs from Beijing is the Kungfu shoes from Neiliansheng. The shoes are indeed very typical because they often appear in Mandarin Kungfu films. Meanwhile, Neiliansheng is one of the very famous old brands in Beijing.

2. Paint

Many consider that Chinese-made artworks including Beijing contain special meanings. For centuries, the development of the world of Chinese painting has often described changes in time and social life, mostly watercolor.

3. Cloisonné

It is a traditional Chinese technique used to decorate items using metal. Cloisonné can now be found in various forms. It could also be a metal bowl, or it could also have a shape of flower vases, plates, lanterns and others.

4. Jasmine tea

Chinese tea is certainly a common thing. And one variation of Chinese tea that can be taken home after a walk from China is Jasmine Tea or jasmine tea. This type of tea also appeared during the Song Dynasty, and after that its popularity continued to grow until the Qing Dynasty.

5. Erguotou

Known as a kind of Chinese white liquor, Erguotou is made from sorghum and the most common brand is Red Star. In English Erguotou means “second distillation”.

6. Preserved Fruit

Fruit lovers can bring this Preserved Fruit as souvenirs because it has a unique taste and elaborate packages. The souvenirs made from many kinds of fruit tastes very sweet and maybe a little vinegary. You can find this in every supermarket and large grocery.

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Transportation in Beijing

Beijing has two passenger airports, Capital International Airport in the northeast of the city and Nanyuan Airport in south city. But now Beijing has been building the third in Daxing District, Beijing Daxing International Airport. Forgetting transportations in Beijing is easy because over 90 airlines operate about 1,400 flights to/from 223 destinations at home and abroad here. You can get to the airport by airport shuttle bus, express subway train, and taxi.

You can get most of the cities in the country easily by train. Besides the main railway lines, the train can get the inter-city railway to Tianjin, the high-speed rails to Shanghai and Guangzhou have also been built. If you get traffic jams in Beijing you can use the subway because it is probably the most time-saving transport means in the city. Others transportations are the city bus, taxi, bicycle, and rickshaw

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