4 Best Christmas Holiday Destinations in Asia

For those planning to travel to Christmas holiday destinations in Asia, you definitely need to see the best recommendations! Choose one of the best Christmas holiday destinations in Asia. It will make you feel the same happiness and throw away the homesick feelings.

Best Christmas Holiday Destinations in Asia

Asia offers a plethora of enchanting destinations that truly come alive during the Christmas season. From vibrant cities to serene retreats, there are several best Christmas destinations in Asia that are sure to captivate your heart. Be sure to check out these incredible places and create unforgettable holiday memories with your loved ones.



The little country, Singapore is the best place where Christmas is celebrated dazzlingly every year. The country always provides many fun things as long as Christmas and New Year holiday season. Get the surprise and feel like home.

All people apply Christmas themed decorations in every corner of Singapore, including along the Orchard Road, at the Garden by the Bay, and everywhere. At the Universal Studios Singapore, the children will love spending their time playing with the festive Christmas themed games and the fake snows falling from the sky.

Hong Kong


Spending Christmas holiday in Hong Kong will be also a great idea. The wonderful city offers festive decorations in Christmas theme in all places. The best thing to do in Hong Kong is certainly shopping till you drop.

There are many kinds of branded products and fashionable items, and then get special discounts during the special holiday. At the dinner time, visit the Long Island to taste the delicious barbeque menu in various options of marinated foods.



Tokyo is another city that offers best Christmas celebrations in Asia. The city that is always full of lights and big screens at the main crossroads also show the festive Christmas atmosphere, particularly on Roppongi Hills and in Ginza.

On the Christmas Eve, join the crowds enjoying the magnificent Starlight Street in the middle of the town. The dazzling lights are too amazing to be missed. Besides, you can see giant Christmas trees and thousands of lights for holiday celebrations in the city.

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korea natal

Seoul, South Korea also celebrates Christmas as a public holiday, but the celebration is a little bit different than in the west. The holiday is commonly enjoyed by young couples in romance and becomes a religious feast for Seoul’s Christians.

Besides, the people who celebrate Christmas in Seoul also commonly exchange the gifts, decorate the Christmas Trees, playing with Santa and singing the Christmas carols.

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