Are your cravings for coffee? Wishing to taste the rich variety of coffee beans in Indonesia but do not much time to explore each original place? Well, if you are in Bali right now, just stay wherever you are because we already have the best recommendations for coffee shops in Bali.


1. Expat. Roasters

Coffee Shop in Bali - expat roasters

Experience the revolutionary new standards of coffee drinking at Expat. Roasters. Located at Petitenget Street No.1A, Seminyak, this coffee shop opens from Monday to Sunday from 7am – 5pm. From every sip you taste, you will be taken to an exploratory journey to understand the complex flavors of the Expat blend.

2. Revolver Espresso

Coffee Shop in Bali - Revolver Espresso

The second best recommendation coffee shops in Bali is Revolver Espresso, one of the first specialty coffee shops in Seminyak. They have boutique bean brands and expert espressos. Situated at Jalan Kayu Aya (Oberoi), Gang 51 #Oberoi, Seminyak, the café’s building has cool interior design of a slightly grungy warehouse feel that takes you back to 1980s New York. So, are you ready to jump on the Revolver bandwagon?

3. The Moose Espresso Bar

Coffee Shop in Bali - The Moose Espresso Bar

There is a small ugly coffee house at Jalan Batu Belig, No.8A. Instead of meeting general tourists who are missing the taste of espresso, you will find locals and dedicated coffee lovers, coming for the custom blend coffee and incredible latte art to enjoy on the comfy leather couches.

4. BURO Bali

Coffee Shop in Bali - BURO Bali

There are more than 15 single origins brought from around the globe, including Costa Rica, Columbia, Ethiopia and of course Indonesia. Not only for tasting every single kind of coffee, but you can also try their signature house blends like the fruity Flora Technica and the CLoack & Dagger. Whether you come for a cup of coffee or looking for an inspiring workplace, BURO is a stylish Swedish interior designed a place to visit.

5. Pison Coffee

Coffee Shop in Bali - Pison Coffee

This humble red brick café has live music that will make you addicted to stay enjoying the Asian-Western fusion feel on every sip. Can you imagine how does it taste when house-roasted bans from Sumatra are mixed with Australia’s avocado craze? The Espresso Avocado, it is one of Pison’s signatures. There are also many more mixing choices you should try.

6. 1/15 Coffee

Coffee Shop in Bali - 115 Coffee

Situated at Potato Head Beach Club Complex, Jalan Petitenget 51b, Seminyak, this café was firstly opened in Jakarta in 2012. The cool thing about going there is you may not find the same taste of coffee at different visits because they have a changing list of limited edition coffee blends.

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1. Seniman Coffee Studio

Coffee Shop in Bali - Seniman Coffee Studio

If you can make your own coffee, why should you wait for a barista to serve it? Yes, in this studio, you can make your own coffee with the equipment you may wish for.

2. F.R.E.A.K Coffee

Coffee Shop in Bali - F.R.E.A.K Coffee

You do not need to be freak to visit Freak Coffee. What they actually have is the Fresh Roasted ‘Enak’ Arabika from Kintamani (Freak). Enak is from Indonesia, which means delicious. The beans are grown originally and roasted daily, that is why you can get it fresh.

3. Anomali Coffee

Coffee Shop in Bali - Anomali Coffee

Want to prove the taste of Indonesian beans yourself? Anomali Coffee is where you should go. Located at Jalan Raya Ubud No.88, Ubud, this café provides beans from Java, Sumatra, Papua and also the old local Balinese Kintamani.


1. Café Veda

Coffee Shop in Bali - Caf+¬ Veda

This café offers a cool concept where you can enjoy the locally roasted and brewed beans with nutritional munch and raw gluten-free cakes. Feel the atmosphere of a traditional Balinese compound and scent of great coffee all around.

2. Hungry Bird

Coffee Shop in Bali - Hungry Bird

Hungry Bird is known as a temple of coffee enthusiasm. Started from the bedroom, a teeny tiny coffee shop opened. Later, it gained popularity among the local surfers, especially for affordable breakfasts.

3. RUKO Café

Coffee Shop in Bali - RUKO Caf+¬

RUKO Café offers the bittersweet magic of strong coffee within the beautifully artistic cups, made by a local ceramic artist. Come inside to see creativity through the hip urban vibe, sketchbooks, and murals inside and outside by young painters coming from around the world.

4. Bootstrap Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee Shop in Bali - Bootstrap Cold Brew Coffee

Have you ever tasted the cold-brewed coffee beans? Walkthrough the Bootstrap’s door and figure out how sugar-free, dairy-free and organic coffee can be so good for you.

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1. Drifter Surf Shop & Café

Coffee Shop in Bali - Drifter Surf Shop & Caf+¬

It is the place where you can taste Indonesia’s finest “Mandailing Estate” coffee beans from Sumatra. Feel the unique flavor while appreciating the surf-inspired clothing, the large library, the artwork, the surfboard and a number of memorabilia.

2. BGS Bali

Coffee Shop in Bali - BGS Bali

BGS is owned, run and frequently visited by locals. Situated at a retail space, they provide really strong coffee. You may be surprised how it can hold your back to leave the shop soon, listening to the nice brews and morning’s surf report.

There are some best recommendations for coffee shops in Bali. Well, Bali seems to be a heaven for coffee lovers. Whether you like espresso, cappuccino or the simply freshly brewed beans, this island has it all. But special for the flight tickets with low prices, purchase them only at Airpaz.