Best Destinations for First Time Travelers Abroad

Traveling abroad could be quite challenging, especially for first time travelers. This is the first time stepping on the foreign place, very far from home, learning new language, cultures, and cuisines. To make the first time of traveling abroad more enjoyable, then choose the right destination to go.

Top Destinations for First Time Travelers

There are numerous destinations that are perfect for first-time travelers. Whether you’re seeking vibrant cities, stunning natural landscapes, or cultural experiences, the options are abundant. Here are some recommendations to kickstart your adventure.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom for First Time Travelers

The different language always becomes the first problem worried by most international travelers. But it will be much easier when you choose an English speaking country because the international language must be the easiest for you.

Besides, United Kingdom is also full of diversity. You also can see the natural destinations like Scottish Highlands and Wales Mountains or enjoy the atmosphere of the typical city of London.


Iceland for First Time Travelers
Source: Nordic Visitor Iceland

You might not get any difficulty when you visit a destination with many similarities to your country. But it will be more challenging if you choose to visit a unique destination like Iceland.

As a traveler that goes abroad for the first time, visiting Iceland will become amazing experiences. The country also speaks English and it has completed by solid infrastructure and close to the US. Additionally, no crime ever occurs in this country.


ecuador for First Time Travelers

If you plan to visit South America as your first destination to travel to, then Ecuador is the best to access. The small country is the house of everything you need to explore the nature and enjoy the trip, such as Andes Mountains, Amazon, Galapagos wildlife and the colonial cities like Quito.

Ecuador is visited by many international travelers all the time and most of the people also speak English. Besides, the currency is American dollars, which will not demand you to learn or change the money.


Japan for First Time Travelers
Source: money.cnn

If Asia is the destination you choose for the first international traveling, Japan is the best choice. It has the least difficulty scale for international travelers.

Besides, Japan is also rich in culture, delicious foods, and incredible history. The country is also well-known for the well-developed infrastructures and great maintenance so that the country becomes very comfortable, clean and giving amazing traveling experiences.


First Time Travelers in Mexico
Source: MEXcation

For those who live in the US, visiting Mexico, especially the safe cities will become a great idea for long weekend traveling.

Mexico has historical cities such as Oaxaca and Puebla, as well as amazing beach named Mayan Riviera or Puerto Vallarta. The city also has had good accommodation making travelers love being there even though as their first international trip.

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