6 Cities with Best New Year 2020 Celebrations

People must have their own way to fill the moment for this New Year 2020 celebrations. One of the most chosen is to make beautiful and interesting memories when welcoming the New Year.

New Year 2020 Celebrations for Each City

Visiting a number of cities in the world to celebrate the New Year can be very impressive. Here are the cities with the best New Year celebrations in the world.

Sydney, Australia

new year celebration in sydney


It can be one of the best places to celebrate New Year in the world. Celebration of the New Year 2020 in Sydney takes place during the summer. This year, Sydney offers a different view with a pyrotechnic view on the Sydney Harbor Bridge, and there are more than 1000 fireworks lit over the Sydney Opera House. To watch the amazing show, Barangaroo or Gladesville could be the best choice. In addition to watching pyrotechnic performances and fireworks parties, Harbor Light Parade can also be an interesting choice when enjoying New Year celebration in Sydney. There are 50 ships floating in the harbor filled with bright light.

Queenstown, New Zealand

new zealand


The fireworks display in this city may not be as grand as in Sydney, it is just that this city has a variety of activities that can be done while waiting for the turn of the year. One of them is visiting one of 55 bars that are filled with locals and tourists. The 55 bar location is one of the routes to the bungee jumping and heliskiing spots.

However, if you prefer a calm atmosphere, you can enjoy a family-friendly New Year party at the edge of the lake. You can enjoy the musical envy that takes place starting at half past 8 at night until 1 o’clock in the morning. There, you can also watch the fireworks display.

Edinburgh, Scotland



Edinburgh, which is the capital of Scotland, can be an attractive destination when celebrating the New Year. The city has a unique tradition called Hogmanay. This is a tradition of celebrating the last day of a year. Usually, this tradition is carried out after the New Year celebration ends, which is January 1.

The New Year celebration in Edinburgh lasts for 3 days starting on December 30 with the ignition of the torch. Then the celebration continued with parades in the streets, open-air concerts and fireworks displays at Edinburgh Castle. On January 1, local people or tourists who were visiting held and attended some regional music concerts.

Cape Town, South Africa



New Year celebration in Cape Town can be a beautiful and special moment. You can celebrate the turn of the year by enjoying the last sunset view in 2019 on the iconic Table Mountain in South Africa. To go to that location, you have to take a cable car that runs from 9 pm.

After descending from Table Mountain, you can continue the New Year celebration by attending a number of festivals in Cape Town such as dancing at the Cape Quarter club, food and fireworks festival at the V&A Waterfront, or music concerts at Kirstenbosch Gardens.

Prague, Czech Republic

new year celebration in prague


This city can be another place to get the best New Year celebration. But, the official fireworks show in this city just started around 6 pm on January 1. It is quite different from other cities. However, you do not need to worry because you can still enjoy ‘unofficial’ fireworks parties along the streets of Prague or surrounding areas. Usually, local residents or tourists gather at Charles Bridge and bring party equipment to watch the fireworks display at midnight. Next, they head to the Old Town or a number of bars to enjoy the party.

New York, America

new year celebration in america


The excitement of the New Year celebration in New York is already very popular. No wonder so many people look forward to the turn of the year in New York Times Square. However, if you don’t want to be crammed with crowds of visitors, you can visit the common room at the Renaissance New York Time Square hotel or to the roof of the Knickerbockers hotel.

There are various New Year Celebrations for each city, but which city created the best one? Let’s plan your vacation trip by ordering airplane tickets on Airpaz and get attractive offers.


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