Best Places to Travel with Baby in Asia

Many parents usually prefer to postpone their travelling plan when having babies. They are afraid that it is too soon to travel with the baby. Though parents eventually come up with the idea of taking a vacation, they may prefer to go anywhere close by car. Still, it is quite challenging to deal with the moody babies as things can be just out of prediction.

Will our baby feel okay to take a long trip? Won’t he or she get bored and keep crying? Those are some questions newbie parents may wonder before booking a flight. But the most important thing to consider is whether the destinations are safe and friendly for very young travellers. In Asia, here are some recommended places to travel with baby to choose:

1. Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

Bali offers a diverse culture, rich heritage and exotic food that makes it a fabulous destination for a family vacation. The friendly locals and great weather will make children feel comfortable. There are many breath-taking attractions to visit with young travellers. Take for examples water parks, monkey forest, and outdoor Balinese shows.

2. Malaysia


Malaysia is a melting pot of different traditions, including Malay, British, Chinese and Indian. Going around this country will look like travelling around some countries at once. There are many things to see and do, like visiting amusement parks, museums, hiking up the Petronas Towers and discovering Batu Caves.

3. Japan


Efficient public transportation is very helpful when travelling with babies. Among many favourite cities to visit, Kyoto and Tokyo are more family-friendly destinations. Kyoto may reflect the past time with some shrines and temples to see. On the other hand, Tokyo has more modern ambience with many skyscrapers and other innovative technologies. But it does not mean this country has no fun. Japan has multiple amusement parks which always come one of the best destinations for a family vacation. Take for example Tokyo Disneyland, Universal Studios and Tokyo DisneySea.

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4. Singapore


Singapore is where you can find cool family-friendly activities. With the reliable transport network, safety, great foods, interesting culture and many kinds of attractions, this country is worth to be on your destination list. Children will enjoy exploring Sentosa Island, S.E.A. Aquarium (the world’s biggest aquarium), waterparks and Universal Studios Singapore.

5. Taiwan


If you want to let kids enjoy the natural beauties, you can take them exploring the spectacular mountain ranges and enjoying the natural hot springs in Taiwan. That is why solo travellers love to visit this country because it offers a lot of excitement like biking, mountain biking, snorkelling and scuba diving. If you go with baby, you can visit more flexible places, for example, night markets and theme parks.

6. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Just like Singapore and Japan, Hong Kong also has well-connected transport networks, making it easier to travel around. The popular attractions among kids are the glittering skyscrapers, Ocean Park and Disneyland. There are also special performances of lion and dragon dances and kung fu at Kowloon Park every Sunday.

7. South Korea

South Korea

Attractions in South Korea are only attractive but also safe and child-friendly. They even have Children’s Grand Park situated in Seoul. Both children and adults can enjoy various activities there. There is also Lotte World which is popular for its monorail system connecting indoor and outdoor segments. Another popular destination is Mount Namsan. Its best landmark is the N Seoul Tower which is reachable by cable car.

8. Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand

Stay safe by wandering Phuket at noon. It is possible to take the children from going to the beaches and enjoying many activities. Spend the time to play at Splash Jungle Park or explore the Phuket Aquarium.

So, have you got your baby ready for his/her first days out abroad? You can choose the best places to travel with a baby and check out special promotions at for the flight tickets.


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