10 Best Reasons Why You Should Visit London

Travel to London is something that you should do when you get the chance. London is one of the most famous places in the world. It is the capital city of England, and basically the center of everything in United Kingdom. This city is synonymous with a lot of things, including the Queen, the Royal Family, Buckingham Palace and many others.

Why Travel to London is the Best Decision Ever?

why travel to london 1
Big Ben, Westminster Bridge and red double-decker bus in London

Why London is basically the best destination to go to when you are on vacation? Well, it is because the city has everything you need: the great history, the world-famous tourist attractions, good food, good ambience and many more things. If you have a plan to travel to London anyway, these reasons below will make your determination to visit the city stronger than ever.

Culinary Experience at Borough Market

Borough market 1
Speciality food stalls at Borough Market in London

One of the most common reasons why people travel to other countries or cities is to get the culinary experience. When you travel to London, you can basically get that experience very easily. London is packed with good food, beyond fish and chips, of course, and it ranges from street foods to fine dining at five-starred restaurants. Try visiting Borough Market. This location is the perfect place to find wide arrays of street food and authentic London foods

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World-Famous Tourist Attractions

Museun of london 1
Skeleton in the main hall of the Natural History Museum of London

London is a must-visit location since it is packed with world-famous tourist attractions. Of course, in London you will find iconic buildings and places, including the London Eye observatory wheel and the Museum of London where you can learn about England’s 2,000-year of history, scrutinize paintings, and sculptures throughout the ages.

London Fashion Week

London fashion weej 1
London Fashion Week in LONDON, UK, The Main entrance

For you who are so keen on fashion, London is where you can find the prominent event of London Fashion Week. This is the occasion where famous designers and fashion houses are parading their masterpieces. It is an elite, exclusive event, and when you can attend one, it should be the most memorable event in your life for sure.

Major Sporting Event

wembley stadium 1
People’s in front of Football stadium Wembley

When you love sporting events, London also has everything for you. Football is basically a big deal in the city. London is where the infamous Wembley stadium is, and the city is also the home of major football clubs, including Tottenham Hotspurs, Chelsea, and Arsenal. In addition, it has other sport’s tournaments too, including the Wimbledon (tennis), as well as the tournaments in crickets and rugby, of course. This is why travel to London should bring the best experience for sport enthusiasts.

Oxford Street Shopping

Oxford street 1
People walking in the Oxford Street in London

There will be two things people do when they are on vacation: eating and shopping. We have covered the “eating” part, and now here comes the “shopping” part. London has the world-famous Oxford Street. Yes, this very street is the center of shopping for everyone. It has numerous stores ranging from international brands to local-based creations.

Nearest Hotel Recommendation

Nadler Soho hotel
The Nadler Soho Hotel, London  
The Bloomsbury Hotel
The Bloomsbury Hotel, London
NoMad London
NoMad London, UK  

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The City of London

The city of london 1
The view on business modern district in London

The City of London is a unique part of London because it is essentially a city within a city. The location is more prominent in the area as the “Square Mile”. This is like the center of business, and it is a busy district. You will find numerous skyscrapers and modern buildings in the Square Miles. Moreover, it is quite the view to look at.

The Infamous Thames River

Thames River 1
Thames River in London, UK

When you hear “London”, probably one of the first things that will pop out in your mind is Thames River. Yes, this river is one of the oldest rivers in the country. Its history spans for over a thousand year. Thames has become one of the most-visited tourist destinations in London. Everyone should travel to London and explore the Thames and its canals. You can get the best scenery during the tour.

The Pub’s

london pubgs 1
You can drink and interact with local at pub’s in London, UK

London City is also synonymous for its pubs. Yes, the local pubs are basically where everyone gets together while drinking pints and eating pub’s snack. If you want to interact with the locals or really get the experience of being in London, you have to visit a pub. Some pubs in London are over a century old, and they are rich in history.

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Land of theatre 1
Shaftesbury Avenue, the heart of London’s theatreland

If Hollywood has Broadway, London has Theatreland. After all, London is the home of numerous playwrights and authors throughout history. This is why theatre is a major thing in London, and in Theatreland you will have the opportunity to watch plays and dramas. Anyone who is keen of English literature and plays should always visit the Theatreland.

Tons of Historical Attractions

Buckingham palace 1
Buckingham Palace in London, UK

Last but not least, you should never forget the fact that London is one of the places in the world with millennium-long history. This city is packed with historical building, starting from Tower of London to Buckingham Palace. There are also castles, including Windsor Castle, as well as many other palaces and manors that basically come from the Tudor age or even older.

Well, those are some of the best reasons about why you should always consider London as the ultimate travel destination during vacation. Flying to London will be something easy and fuss-free if you use the right service. For that reason, Airpaz.com should always be your choice. Visit our website or download Airpaz Apps to book ticket and accommodation, so you can travel to London with ease.


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