Shopping at Osaka: The Best Recommendations You Can Find!

Every shopaholic should go to Tokyo and Osaka when they want to have amazing experiences of shopping while traveling to Japan. Believe it or not, shopping at Osaka is one of the top priorities for travelers. The two places are the most attractive and energetic places for shopping enthusiasts. Additionally, those places offer many great items at good prices too. In Osaka, there are five best shopping centers you should visit.


Namba Shopping at Osaka

As a well-known district in Osaka, Namba offers kinds of shopping options. The best one is in the Nankai Namba Station named Namba City. The shopping center provides 300 stores as well as affordable restaurants. Namba also offers entertainment for the visitors, including the Shin-Kabuki-Theater dedicated to Kabuki.


Umeda City

If you love being in an urban area with many skyscrapers, then Umeda is the best place to visit in Osaka.The biggest shopping center is the Grand Front Osaka with totally 44,000 square meter floor area and consisting 266 stores. Just close to the shopping mall, there is Umeda Sky Building with its special top floor featuring a floating observatory garden.



Shinsaibashi is another shopping center near Namba. It was originally a walkway street in Osaka, established in 380 years ago in Edo period. Then it develops to become a shopping paradise with many shops and boutiques featured. Kinds of historic old items can be found in this shopping center.



Near the Shinsaibashi, there is an area in Kansai named Americamura where teen culture is centered. The stores opened there are mostly selling youth items, such as second-hand clothes, jeans, used records, and other items beloved by young people.

Tenjinbashi Suji

Tenjinbashi Suji

In the northern part of Osaka, you can find Tenjinbashi Suji as a shopping center. The walkway shopping street provides kinds of merchandise including books, clothes, shoes, snacks, groceries, etc. at affordable prices. The shopping center also provides many cafes and restaurants where you can find local cuisines and try to taste them.

Those are the best places to experience amazing shopping times in Osaka. There are many other shopping centers that can be visited while you are traveling in one of the most famous cities in Japan. The city will be the most memorable one for shopping lovers. However, the city will be also enjoyable even for those who don’t love shopping too much.

Therefore, don’t forget to visit the best shopping centers when you travel to Osaka Japan. Prepare the special budget and everything you need for the trip, including the flight. Visit Airpaz to search flights of various airlines and choose one in the best price. Happy traveling!


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