Best Summer Family Vacations in Japan

Taking a vacation with children, especially during summer family vacations in Japan, is truly a big challenge. Parents need to consider safety on their priority list, while young travelers must also get the optimum enjoyment level. Infants will surely need more attention. It is not just about how well the adults can protect the kids but also about selecting safe vacation destinations that cater to the needs of summer family vacations in Japan.

Wishing to spend summer family vacations in Japan? Here are some best recommendations you can take:

Disneyland in Tokyo

summer family vacations in Japan
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It is an obvious choice. Moreover, Disneyland in Tokyo is supported by the Japanese high standards for its professional cast members, maintenance, customer service and dining options.

Umi no Nakamichi Kaihin Koen (Umi no Nakamichi seaside park) in Fukuoka

It is a 4kl night park situated on the southern end of Japan. There are many attractions available, including the amusement park, zoo, flower garden and sports fields. You can take kids for walking or cycling and be having picnics on the lush grassed areas.

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Studio Ghibli Museum in Tokyo

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This museum is designed looking like Studio Ghibli where you can find exhibitions and cinema screening specials. Remember the famous movies My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle? You can watch them here. There are also the playground, café and rooftop garden area. Be sure to book tickets in advance because of the high visit number, especially during summer holidays.

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KidZania in Toyose

Being there will make you remember your childhood dream of what you wanted to be. This indoor amusement park offers the chance for any kid to live as their grown-up fantasy. There are more than 90 careers to choose like working in Coca-Cola factory, being a doctor or model. When playing the career role, children can also learn how society works in fun way.

Odaiba Legoland Discovery Center in Tokyo

Be it summer or winter vacation, the Legoland is the best escape for families. This indoor theme park has the ride, playgrounds, a 4D cinema, seasonally changed Lego exhibits and also karaoke. There are a lot of Lego fanatic who wish to come, so make sure to keep your tickets ahead.

Japan welcomes tourists from all ages. The country has too many attractions to offer and choose based on everyone’s special interests. But going with kids means you have to be more selective. Go to places where are friendly for them.

Summer is the best time to enjoy a family vacation in Japan. You can expect other families wishing to go there. So, you must plan your trip in advance, including booking the flights at Airpaz website to make the most of your traveling budget.


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