Travel and Leisure: 5 Best Things to Do in Kathmandu

Religious-sites tour, culinary tour, adventurous tour – all you can do while you’re spending the holiday in Nepal. You don’t need to worry if you may be overwhelmed about which place to visit first. Here are some recommended best things to do in Kathmandu

Best Things to Do in Kathmandu

Best things to do in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is an exotic city that offers fun and unforgettable tours for foreign tourists. There are many religious attractions here, such as temples, stupas, monasteries, etc.

Here are recommended things to do in Kathmandu, Nepal, for you to consider when having a vacation to this country:

Helicopter Touring at Everest Mountain

Kathmandu best attractions

Everest Mountain base Camp is one of the best places to visit in Kathmandu for couples. Most foreign tourists, especially from Europe, never miss this holiday activity. You can try a helicopter tour with the Everest mountain base camp as the landing destination. The best time to try this tour is from January to May and September to December.

Generally, the duration of this tour is around 4 hours. You can enjoy views of Mount Everest, with a maximum altitude of about 5545 meters. The best thing is this type of tourism is suitable for everyone regardless of their age.

This helicopter tour can carry groups of 2-5 people. Additionally, the cost to enjoy this experience is 890 USD. Usually, the helicopter will depart around 6-8 in the morning. The tour will end around noon and, at maximum, around 4 PM.

Hiking at Shivapuri National Park

best places to see in Kathmandu

Shivapuri National Park is one among many Kathmandu’s best attractions. This tourist spot is a mountainous area with forests full of green trees, so it is suitable if you are bored with the hustle and bustle of the city.

This attraction is in the north of the Kathmandu Valley, specifically 11 kilometers from downtown Kathmandu. This tourist area not only has hiking trails but also biking trails. 

To enter the Shivapuri tourist area, you have to pay an entrance fee of around 98 USD. Here is an important tip: you should take photos from the map sign boards around the entrance if you’re afraid of getting lost.

Meanwhile, the best time to hike in Shivapuri is between October and February. This is because these times are times with sunny weather so it is not dangerous for climbing.

Exploring the Pashupatinath Temple

Best things to do in Kathmandu

As we know, Nepal has a majority population of Hindus and Buddhists. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you visit this place, you will find many religious attractions. One of them is Pashupatinath Temple.

Pashupatinath Temple is one of the attractions in Nepal recognized by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage Sites. This attraction, which is located near the Bagmati River, has the architecture of a 17th-century building. Some of the buildings are even older than that.

To be able to explore Pashupatinath Temple, you have to pay a fee of around 70 USD. You should pay attention to one thing when visiting this place: be respectful, as sometimes people hold funerals in this temple. Also, if you take a photo of sadhus (holy men), be prepared to pay them a few rupees.

Shopping at The Ason and Mangal Bazaars

hings to do in Kathmandu Nepal

Exploring The Anson and Mangal Bazaars is one of many fun things to do in Kathmandu. The Ason and Mangal Bazaars is an area in Kathmandu with many shops. These shops sell various goods such as spices, arts, accessories, etc.

You can also buy everyday items like fruits or souvenirs like Buddhist stupas. You can also buy a typical Nepalese scarf for around 150 NPR (1.13 USD). You can buy for less if you ask the seller to lower the price.

One thing you have to remember when you come to this place is to always hold on to your luggage because it’s a very crowded place and you won’t notice if your things are lost.

Culinary Touring Made by Newar Community

Best things to do in Kathmandu

Apart from going on adventure tours, you can also try culinary tourism in Kathmandu. The Newar community, which is the largest ethnicity in this country, sells various types of local food. Some typical food from Kathmandu that you should try include:

  • Momos

Momos are meat or vegetable filled dough-balls. At roadside stalls, this food is available for around 60 NPR (0.45 USD)

  • Chatamari

Chatamari is seasoned pancakes with spices. This street food is suitable for vegetarians as it usually uses non-vegetarian meat or eggs. A serving of Chatamari costs around 200 NPR (1.51 USD)

  • Dal Bhat

It is a dish consisting of bhat (rice), tarkari (spiced vegetables), and thick lentil soup. You can enjoy a serving of Dal Bhat for around 600 NPR (4.54 USD)

  • Suja

Suja is butter tea made from brewed tea leaves, salt, and yak butter.

  • Lassie

This yogurt-based beverage is usually available in various flavors, such as strawberry, vanilla and banana. To enjoy a glass of Lassi, you have to pay around 60 NPR (0.45 USD)

That’s all the recommendations of the best things to do in Kathmandu you can do to make your vacation unforgettable. Airpaz provides flight tickets and hotels to Kathmandu and other cities at the best prices, so grab it fast!


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