10 Best Things to Do in NYC (New York City)

As soon as you arrive in New York, of course, you can’t wait to explore New York City. Then what are the best things to do in New York? Find the answers below.

Best Things to Do in NYC

There are hundreds of memorable activities that you can do in this city. There will be no end. But we have some of the best that you should remember. Check the list below.

Enjoying the Atmosphere While Eating Bagels 

Bagels // best things to do in NYC

Do you like to experience a typical NYC atmosphere while tasting a regular bagel? Visit Tal Bagels at Sadelle’s—OG or the High Street in Hudson. 

People in New York know it is better to eat while reclining on a park bench or at the bagel shop table. The best location to eat bagels is here. Leek cream cheese is roasted on all bagels. Obviously really tasty.

Dining at The Good Fork Pub

The Good Fork Pub // best things to do in NYC

Are you a foodie? You can feel the sensation of Korean-style mukbang at The Good Fork. Here you can try some amazing bar food. There’s beer cheese kimchi with fried dumplings and big plates like the Korean cheesesteak and the fantastic fried chicken sandwich. 

Apart from the food above, there are other options such as burgers, chicken and waffles, Croque madame, duck confit, and steak and eggs in Korean style. Enjoying all this will satisfy your mouth and tummy.

Walking the Lightscape in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden // Best things to do in NYC

Want to experience the splendor of the dazzling nighttime environment? The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is worth a visit. BBG is a mile-long lit art trail featuring the work of regional and international artists.

You can witness the famous Winter Cathedral and the Garden of Fire, with more than a million lights, colors, and musical accompaniments. Along the route, there will also be food stands selling seasonal goodies like s’mores and adult-only spiked hot chocolate.

Relax at the New Luxury Spa of Governor Island 

Governor island // Best things to do in NYC

Do you want to unwind or pamper yourself after exploring? Visit the opulent Italian wellness spa on Governor Island, QC, NY.

The spa offers a variety of opulent amenities like themed saunas, Vichy showers, infrared beds, foot pools, hydro jets, steam rooms, and relaxation rooms with personally selected personalities, scents, music, and more.

A relaxation space that is upside down and inconveniently located is also present. The furniture, including a chessboard, has been painted and adhered to the ceiling to provide the idea that you are walking on a ceiling when you first enter.

Enjoying Little Island 

little island // best things to do in NYC

Do you desire to encounter the ambiance of a floating green area? You can travel to Little Island, Manhattan. Lots of people came to see this green area. 

There are wide lawns, vibrant plants and trees, and a hidden garden. To enter, you don’t need to pay a penny. However, between noon and closure, reservations are necessary. The Glade, the Amph, and the Amphitheater in the park offer breathtaking vistas of the Hudson River, which should not be missed. 

Enjoying Craft Making at Brooklyn Craft Company

crafting // best things to do in NYC

If you love to do art, this place will be your heaven. Workshops for various crafts, such as knitting and macrame, are available here. 

Besides that, you can also relax and calm your mind at this spot. You may purchase the materials required to make your crafts from online merchants. 

Visiting the Empire State Building

Empire State building // Best things to do in NYC

The 86th floor is where you may access the main deck of the highest open observatory. Breathtaking 360-degree panoramas show the Hudson and East Rivers, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, and more. Go to the 102nd-floor indoor observation platform to see all of Central Park.

Taking a Trip to the Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty // Best things to do in NYC

One thing that must be addressed when visiting a place is the location’s icon. You must go here, therefore, if you’re ever in New York. As a traditional representation of American freedom, the Statue of Liberty is the most well-known copper statue in the world.

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Spending a Leisurely Afternoon in Prospect Park 

Prospect park // Best things to do in NYC

This 526-acre public park is in the heart of Brooklyn. Some of the activities that can be done on this land include cycling, having warm-weather picnics, going on weekend runs, or bird watching. Sometimes, people play baseball and basketball in the park, so you can watch a game to kill time. If you visit the park in the winter, you can skate or rent a rowboat at LeFrak, which turns into an ice skating rink during the cold season.

Visiting Chelsea Market, the Food Haven

Chelsea Market // Best things to do in NYC

You must take advantage of this location—famous eateries in New York with many vendors. You can sample a variety of Middle Eastern, Mexican, and other foods at this location, which is constantly crowded with tourists during prime hours. 

Along with candy and trinkets, the attraction has historical appeal. One of them is the market’s well-known fountain, constructed with leftover drill bits and exposed pipes from the former Nabisco factory.

Now you have an overview of the activities you can do in New York City. It is time to order a ticket at Airpaz for a quick and easy booking process. 

That’s our top pick of the best things to do in New York. Have a nice trip! 


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