Get Ready to Explore the Best Things to Do in Paris!

Paris, with its enchanting beauty and rich history, is one of the most visited cities in the world. Known for its iconic landmarks, charming streets, and delectable cuisine, there is no shortage of things to do in Paris. It welcomes a million tourists every year, making tourism its major income source. To support this thriving industry, various sectors, including hotels, transport, catering, and leisure, are well developed, employing 263,212 workers, or about 18.4 percent of the total workforce in Paris based on data in 2012.

Things to Do in Paris

Enjoying the famous Paris is more than just visiting the Eiffel Tower. There are more things you can do on the city break. Do you need suggestions for your first visit? Here they are:

Discover the Hidden Roads in Paris

Exploring hidden roads in Paris as the best things to do in Paris

You can book a city tour package to get the amazing and informative local guides which will take you to many secret places. It is great when you can see people playing pétanque in Place Dauphine, a traditional game when taking the Bohemian Paris tour. You are also able to enjoy tasting the cheese at Rue Montorgueil.

Take a Walk at Famous French Film-themed Spots

Notre Dam Paris, France

Have you ever watched Ratatouille, the Hunchback of Notre Dame and Before Sunset? Or do you prefer to stay tuned on Coco Chanel, Sec and the City, Gossip Girl, and Amélie? Well, you can find the same scenes set in Paris. You can even reserve a vintage car to enjoy a luxurious French film-themed tour.

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Explore the City on a Retro Sidecar as the Best things to Do in Paris

retro sidecar at Paris

Do you want to be a spot of pointing in the street? Retro Tours lets you jump on the side care of a motorbike with Chevignon jackets on. Do not miss the champagne stop on the night tour packages.

Eat with Locals at Their Home

French Gourmet

Do you know that French people love to welcome new people to their house? The local cooks prepare food at home and invite guests to eat together. There are many options, from traditional French cuisine to modern organic brunches, to try. Prepare a bottle of wine when arriving, though it is not actually required.

Jump on a Classic French Car for a Quick Tour

Classic French Car

Do you have limited time to enjoy the sightseeing in Paris? Do not worry. You can enjoy a short tour of the vintage four-wheel vehicle, Citroën 2CV, with 4 routes sous 1 parapluie. You will be taken traveling around the Montmartre streets, Seine cruises, and the Eiffel Tower visit. It just takes around 90 minutes to see all those famous tourist spots in Paris.

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