10 Best Things to Do in Taipei for Solo and Family Travelers

Before setting a departure date to Taipei, you must determine which locations will be visited or the best things to do in Taipei. Knowing fun things to do in Taipei can help you to have an exciting holiday experience.

So that you don’t just lie down in a hotel room, we have summarized some recommendations for unique things to do in Taipei for solo travelers and tourists who come with family in the article below.

Best Things to Do in Taipei

There are various choices of activities that you can do in one of the main tourist destinations in Taiwan. There are free things to do in Taipei or activities that require spending money, such as entrance tickets.

What are these activities? Check it out!

1. Visit Taipei 101

best things to do in Taipei

Taipei 101 is one of the most visited attractions by tourists to Taipei. This is because the Taipei building had become an icon of Taiwan and was dubbed the world’s tallest building from 2004 to 2010. You can see views of the city from this building resembling a stalk of bamboo.

You can get tickets to ride Taipei 101 at around 19.70 USD per person.

2. Enjoy Street Food at the Taipei Night Market

Enjoy Street Food at the Taipei Night Market

Taiwan is a country that is famous for its street food among tourists. When visiting Taipei, one of the things to do in Taipei at night is to sample the various snacks available at this night market.

Many famous night markets exist, such as Tonghua, Raohe, Ningxia, Shilin, and Huaxi.

3. Visit Elephant Mountain

best things to do in Taipei

Besides watching the view of Taipei city from above Taipei 101, you can visit Elephant Mountain as an alternative for free things to do in Taipei. You can hike the mountain in just 15 to 20 minutes, so the mountain isn’t too high. You can start climbing from the park entrance.

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4. Shopping at Ximending

Shopping at Ximending

Shopping in Taipei is a must for you, especially if you want to buy souvenirs for family and friends at home. One of the suitable locations for shopping is the Ximending Shopping District because there are many food and souvenir vendors.

You can shop around while finding the best gifts at reasonable prices.

5. Visit Museums

best things to do in Taipei

Visiting museums is one of the most family-friendly vacation activities. Children can get an education according to the museum theme they visit. In addition, there are lots of photo spots in the museum.

Near Yuanshan MRT Station, you can visit the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. Meanwhile, near Zhongshan Station, there is the Museum of Contemporary Art. Other museums are the National Palace Museum, National Taiwan Museum, and the Taipei Astronomical Museum.

You can use the Taipei Unlimited Fun Pass to save more on visiting these museums. By using this 49.25 USD package, you can get a lot of benefits.

You can visit more than 27 tourist attractions, unlimited access to buses, MRT, and the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle.

6. Watch Lunar New Year Events

Watch Lunar New Year Events

Watching the lion and dragon dance performance when you visit during Lunar New Year is a fun and free activity that you can do. This event was held at the Grand Hyatt Taipei.

7. Dragon Boat Race

Dragon Boat Race

If you are on vacation during June, there is a traditional festival you can watch and capture. The Dragon Boat Festival event is held at the Dajia riverside park.

8. Visit Treasure Hill Artists Village

best things to do in Taipei

If you want to feel the feel of a village filled with extraordinary artists, you can visit The Artists Village on Treasure Hill. This village is near the National Taiwan Normal University and the Xindian River.

The government empowers this location so tourists can see the works of local and international artists on display.

9. Visit Instagrammable Spots in Ximending

best things to do in Taipei

Street art is one of the arts that is suitable as a background for your Instagram photos. One of the locations you can visit is Ximending because there is a lot of cool street art created by creative young people here.

Apart from street art, you can also explore the pedestrian area to find shopping, movie theaters, and trendy restaurants that fit the youth vibe.

10. Enjoy Seafood at Addiction Aquatic Development

Enjoy Seafood at Addiction Aquatic Development

Seafood fans, remember to visit this seafood market. This large-scale seafood market provides various types of seafood you can consume on location.

There are many seafood bars, outdoor barbecues, and hot pot restaurants here. Enjoying seafood in this market certainly presents a different sensation.

You can visit all the recommendations for the best things to do in Taipei above. If you don’t have time, choose activities that suit your preferences. When planning a trip to Taipei, remember to book your plane ticket and hotel on Airpaz because it’s so easy and fast. You can also download the app now for many advantages! 


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