8 Best Things to Do in Vancouver: Exciting & Memorable!

While in Vancouver, avoid becoming too comfortable merely enjoying the hotel facilities of your stay. Venture out and seize this golden opportunity to engage in some of the best things to do in Vancouver!

Discover an array of both relaxing and exhilarating activities through this article that ranges from unique experiences to classic Vancouver highlights.

Best Things to Do in Vancouver

Best Things to Do in Vancouver

Vancouver stands prepared to provide you with an unforgettable vacation experience, offering a multitude of activities and locations to explore. You can choose places to visit in Vancouver for free or even paid.

This article presents a comprehensive list of the best things to do in Vancouver from morning to night. Be prepared to jot down all the recommended options!

What to Do in Vancouver?

Here are some things to do with friends as the best things to do in Vancouver that you can choose from:

1. Explore the Natural Wonder of Stanley Park

Stanley park vancouver

After enjoying your breakfast at the hotel or a nearby eatery, set aside some time to explore the splendor of Stanley Park.

Situated along the Stanley Park Causeway in Vancouver, this park presents a diverse array of breathtaking vistas, including the sky, water, mountains, and majestic trees.

You can reach the park by walking, taking a taxi, driving yourself, or even biking. Do not forget to bring your smartphone along to capture the beauty of this freely accessible park! This definitely will be one of the best things to do in Vancouver.

2. Discover the Beauty of Granville Island

Granville Island market

What was once a peninsula has transformed into a neighborhood boasting public markets, shopping areas, studios, galleries, and lush green spaces that you should definitely explore.

This former industrial waterfront has evolved into an excellent destination for outings with friends who have diverse preferences, as it caters to a wide range of exciting interests. You can explore each area or have a relaxing picnic along the False Creek shoreline.

There are numerous events for you to enjoy here, ranging from free to paid options. You can find the complete list of activities and their pricing available here. Make it as one of the best things to do in Vancouver.

3. Try the Thrilling Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Exploring Capilano Suspension Bridge Park ranks among the top things to do in Vancouver for young adults seeking an adrenaline rush.

Dare to traverse the bridge, extending approximately 137.16 meters in length, and find yourself suspended around 70 meters above solid ground, providing an electrifying boost to your adrenaline levels.

This location, situated at 3735 Capilano Rd in North Vancouver, is accessible by car or public transportation. The admission fee for children is CAD 25.11 or USD 18.95, while adults pay CAD 72.81 or USD 54.95, making it an exciting and worthwhile experience as one of the best things to do in Vancouver. 

4. Experience Vancouver Whale Watching

Whale watching at Vancouver

Accompanied by wildlife guides during your time on board, you’ll have the opportunity to observe whales and deepen your understanding of this majestic creature.

The departure point is at Suite 210 – 1120 Second Avenue, Richmond, accessible via public transportation or car rental. The tour duration ranges from 3 to 5 hours, with ticket prices varying between CAD 139.13 and 218.63 or USD 105 to 165.

Remember to follow the guide’s instructions for a safe and enjoyable trip and experience the best things to do in Vancouver!

5. Discover the Spectacular Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain is situated at 6400 Nancy Way, North Vancouver, and is easily accessible via public transportation or by self-drive. This destination offers a vacation that encompasses educational value, cultural experiences, and thrilling outdoor activities.

Ticket prices span from CAD 51.68 to 250.43 or USD 39 to 189, with children under four enjoying free admission. Among the favored activities are Gondola rides, hiking, and the Lumberjack Show.

6. Visit the Museum of Anthropology

Museum of Anthropology Vancouver

Situated at 6393 NW Marine Drive, Vancouver, this museum presents visitors with an array of exquisite relics showcasing Aboriginal art, ranging from contemporary pieces to artifacts dating back to ancient times.

You can access the museum using a car, bicycle, or other public transportation, and the entrance fee ranges from approximately CAD 13.25 to 62.28 or USD 10 to 47. Please note that the museum is currently closed for building repairs and is expected to remain so until the end of 2023. This one is also one of tourists’ bucket lists while arriving at Canada Airport.

7. Relax at the English Bay Beach

English Bay Beach

Make sure to visit English Bay Beach in the West End during your summer vacation in Canada.

This destination offers free access and provides various activities, including volleyball, sunbathing, swimming, or simply unwinding and relaxing. Just remember to apply sunscreen to prevent sunburn!

8. Explore the Pacific Arts Market as The Best Things to do in Vancouver

Pacific arts market

The Pacific Arts Market provides a welcoming space for both artists and art enthusiasts alike.

Artists have the opportunity to showcase their work, while visitors can discover an array of distinctive creations at this location situated on W Broadway, Vancouver.

Numerous events take place here, so please click on this link to access details about upcoming events and ticket information. 

Traveling Tips

Traveling Tips to Vancouver

Follow the travel tips below to ensure an enjoyable trip:

  • Avoid renting a car to explore small areas of Vancouver, as parking fees can be expensive.
  • Keep a close watch on all your belongings, as there are potential thieves around.
  • Be prepared to offer tips, as many services “expect” gratuities.
  • Take pleasure in exploring the city on foot, as Vancouver is relatively compact.

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