New Year Eve At Taiwan: Best Things to Do!

For those who plan to celebrate New Year Eve at Taiwan at the end of this year, it will be great because of there many fun things you can do there.

It performs different fireworks show from Sydney Australia and there is no huge ball like in the Times Square New York City. The special New Year celebration that can be had is as followed.

The Amazing Attraction at Taipei’s 101 Building

New Year Eve At Taiwan Taipei 101
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The peak New Year Eve celebration is always when the countdown to the New Year begins. It is unique and special when the countdown starts at the building of Taipei’s 101. As the countdown begins, the light turns on from the bottom to the top, floor by floor.

When the world’s biggest countdown clock reaches the top, then the fireworks start showing the dazzling performance. Besides, some special ceremonies and activities, as well as famous pop singers and entertainers are also performed at the New Year Eve celebration.

Even though the celebration is held in the cold air of winter, it is still full of participants including who are all enthusiast with the great event.

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Visit Shilin Night Market Taipei

Taiwan shilin market
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If you don’t want to wait too long at the Taipei’s 101 building until the midnight, it is a great idea to visit Shilin Night Market Taipei. There are many interesting things to do at the night market and make the time flies.

Inside the night market, you can find many food stalls that offer good taste foods at good prices. You can enjoy your affordable dinner meals in many options. The night market is also full of vendors offering clothes, souvenirs, jewelry, and much more at affordable prices.

Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Kenting National Park

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After getting cheered in the festive New Year Eve celebration, then you can explore another side of Taiwan. It is the natural beauty in the Kenting National Park, which is popular with the beautiful beaches and mountain, as well as the warm sunshine and tropical climate.

The national park is great to explore the adventurous activities such as surfing, trekking on the beautiful green mountain, bird watching, and also snorkeling and scuba diving.

When you have been tired and need a little relaxing time, it is great to enjoy natural hot spring bathing that is available in some places surround Kenting. Besides, it is also easy to find hotels around the national park.

Taiwan can become your new way to enjoy the New Year holiday and celebration. Then plan the trip before all flights are fully booked. Check Airpaz to see the flights that are still available for this end of year holiday. Now traveling is easy.


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