Is Visiting the Blue Lagoon in Iceland Worth it?

Surreal, serene, and spectacular: these 3-S words will probably define what you can feel in Blue Lagoon Iceland. Marked as one of the 25 wonders in the world by the world-most prominent magazine National Geographic, this place must be on your bucket list if you travel to Iceland. It is basically a spa; but what exists there is more than just your conventional spa. Not only it is mentioned to bring a cure for psoriasis, the blue lagoon, which has been keeping its water warm for almost half a century, was visited by the people of spotlight: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Bjork, and the singer-rapper Jay-Z.

What is Blue Lagoon in Iceland?

blue lagoon

What is the Blue Lagoon? In short, you can say that Blue Lagoon is a pool with some ‘extras’. What’s the plus? You can see the list below:

The water is warm all-year long

Warm water all along

Just like how hot springs bring out the warm water for bathing, the Blue Lagoon Iceland relies on geothermal energy to boil the water. It comes as boiling water deep down the earth, but when it reaches the surface, it has an average temperature of 39°C—which is perfect for bathing in the cold Iceland.

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It is basically not natural

Basiclly not natural

Unlike what most people think at first, the Blue Lagoon is not a natural hot spring. Well, the natural geothermal power to heat up the water is truly there; but the water that builds up the lagoon was pumped and was taken to power up the Svartsengi geothermal plant.

But since the water is somehow mixed with the seawater, it becomes mineral-dense. This is not an appropriate setting for the machine as the mineral particles may cause damages. Instead, the water is pumped into the nearby porous lava field.

The porous makes the water seeps up and the temperature gradually cools down. Its silica content, due to this condensation, got separated from the water itself, making layers of mud which stopped the water from seeping back. That’s how the Blue Lagoon Iceland was formed.

A luxurious place to spend your time chilling in warm water

chilling warm water

How is about a luxury trip to Iceland Blue Lagoon? Have no doubt. There is lots of hot springs in Iceland, but Blue Lagoon marks its way to fame thanks to the lux it offers. At first, the place is situated on a land of 5,000-square meter; but now it has been expanding more than 60% from its origin size to 8,700-square meters.

What addition makes the already-vast lagoon becomes vaster? It’s the walking distance accommodations that are built to enhance the tourists’ visiting experience. To name some, you can have café, restaurant, Blue-Lagoon-special skin care shop, and saunas on the spot. Adding up to the growing width are small bridges and walking paths.

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Even it has its own hotel


It was in 2018 when the location opens up its first hotel with five-star rating, named as the Retreat Hotel. If you plan to have days in this special spot, booking a room will never be your regret. Witness the incredible view of the peninsula of Reykjavik (and the Blue Lagoon Iceland itself) through the hotel room’s full-height windows.

Traveling to Iceland during Covid-19 Pandemic

Travelling to iceland during covid 19

Given that travels are extremely banned for several months, it won’t be confusing that the air fares from your country to Iceland is incredibly low—it can even be considered as the all-time lowest. But how is the country dealing with the pandemic? Is it safe to travel to Reykjavik during this overwhelming condition of Covid-19?

Believe it or not, Iceland has taken back its national provisions of mask-wearing and maximum capacities. Moreover, the country has taken extreme effort to vaccinate their citizens. Therefore, it makes these days as the best time to visit Iceland Blue Lagoon if you prefer a quiet surrounding while having your best moment in the lagoon. Fewer crowds compared to previous years are considered common.

However, being a country which owns high vaccination rate doesn’t make Iceland as a country that permits all visitors. You should come from the permitted country. You may have to be quarantined according to the country’s rules and may be told to perform a test. Completing vaccination is also one of the pre-requirements to visit the country. In case that you have been recovered from Covid-19, you should prove it with a certificate mentioning about the Covid-19 antibody existence.

By complying with those regulations, you will be permitted to enter this beautiful country. Not to forget, you’ll be able to have a warm dip in Blue Lagoon Iceland.

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The Bottom Line


Blue Lagoon Iceland is an incredible semi-natural lagoon which should be on your top bucket list when you are visiting Iceland. During this hard time due to Covid-19, traveling can be tricky and worrisome, but you don’t have to feel that at all while planning your flight to Iceland. As long as you comply with the provisions set, it’d be an easy trip for you.

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