Brandenburg Gate, the Icon of the Historic City of Berlin

Berlin, which is the capital of Germany, is known to have many historical and beautiful landmarks. Berlin gate or more commonly called as Brandenburg Gate is one of the most famous attractions of Berlin. In addition, Brandenburg is also the most historic and important monument in Germany. Well, it is the landmark that has witnessed the unity between the city of East and West Berlin, and it is touted as a symbol of peace between the two cities.

In fact, this historical story attracts so many tourists to visit Brandenburg Gate. Besides sightseeing, there are also many kinds of activity you can do at this gate. To find out more about this place, here are some interesting facts that will add to your insight.

The History of the Gate

Brandenburg Gate - The History of the Gate
Brandenburg gate, witness to the history in the city of berlin

The Brandenburg Gate was founded in 1788 – 1791. This was built using classic sandstone materials, and it is the only one of the 18 gates that still survives. There is a statue representing the Goddess of Victory, called Quadriga at the top of the gate. From 1806 to 1814, the statue was held in France as a trophy of Napoleon. During World War II, this gate was bombed by the Allies, but there was no damage that resulted in destruction.

It Has a Classic Style Architecture

Brandenburg Gate - Classic Architecture
Quadigra Berlin at Bradenburg Gate, Berlin

This quite unique gate, built by architect Carl Gotthard Langhans, was inspired by the gates of Acropolis in Athens, Greece. As a symbol of the Brandenburg Gate, Quadriga statue was built, which depicts Eirene, the Greek peace goddess who rides the chariot drawn by four horses. This was created in 1793 by Johann Gottfrued Schadow.

Moreover, this gate is also a witness to the role when Napoleon won the war, entering Berlin in 1806. Since he won the war, Napoleon took this Quadriga Statue and brought it to Paris. However, as soon as Napoleon was defeated, the Quadriga Statue was returned to Berlin in 1814 and redesigned by Karl Friedrich Schinkel to become a symbol of Victoria, the goddess of victory by holding the symbol of the cross and the Prussian eagle.

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There Are a Lot of Linden Trees Around It

Brandenburg Gate - lot of Linden Trees
Linden Trees at Unter den Linden boulevard, and the statue of King Frederick II of Prussia

Being used as the monumental entrance to Unter den Linden, you can see a lot of linden trees in Brandenburg Gate’s main street, leading to the Prussian kings Royal City Palace. As one of the most famous landmarks in Germany, this gate is located west of the Pariser Platz square, the intersection of Unter Den Linden and Eberstasse.

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It Has a Lot of Historical Value

Brandenburg Gate - lot of Historical Value
Brandenburg Gate is historical evidence that is still being preserved in Germany

Besides being famous for its classic shape and type of monuments in Europe, Brandenburg Germany also has a lot of historical value as it witnessed the turbulent history of Germany and Europe, such as World War 2, as well as the separation and reunification of the German state.

The Brandenburg Gate does hold a lot of history and various important activities in Germany. This place has also been a witness, when the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan made a speech, urging the President of the Soviet Union to immediately tear down the Berlin Wall to unite Germany.

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It Becomes the Center of Celebrations and Festivals

Brandenburg Gate - becomes celebrations and festivals
Tourist celebrating Christmas at Bradenburg Gate

For your information, as a landmark and icon of German state, this city gate often appears in various media. In fact, the Brandenburg Gate has also become one of the centers for various activities in Berlin.

Furthermore, the gate often becomes the place where various interesting festivals are held. For example, people gather here for watching sports together, celebrating New Year’s Eve, and holding various other parties or shows.

It Becomes a Popular Destination for Tourists

Brandenburg Gate - popular destinations of tourist
Brandenburg Gate is still a popular destination when visiting Germany

Currently, the Brandenburg Gate is an important spot that must be visited if you are in Germany. In fact, all tourists from various parts of the world who come to this country must always try to take the time to visit this gate. There is a lot of fun which can be obtained apart from taking pictures together to capture the moment.

Well, horse-drawn carriage, which was an operational vehicle in the past, is still around the gate area, bringing tourists around the Brandenburg Gate. You can also enjoy live music performed by street musicians. The fun thing is there are still many people passing by wearing German army uniforms.

Those are some facts that make this gate a must-visit place in Germany. Besides getting an aesthetic photo spot, you will also get additional knowledge about the history of Berlin.

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