Brief Facts about the Eiffel Tower

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Eiffel Tower, as one of the most popular tower in the world, was erected by Gustave Eiffel in 1889. It was first built as the Exposition Universelle. The establishment was made for the 100th-anniversary celebration of French Revolution.

The Construction Process

The construction of Eiffel Tower took a couple of years, a couple of months and five days. The construction process was an actual architectural and technical achievement. It is a great achievement that symbolizes the technological expertise in the late 19th century. It defined the industrial era of the moment as the work of a French engineering named Gustave Eiffel. Then it made an amazing success.

Only projected to previous 20 years, the tower was saved by the methodical experiments that Eiffel fortified, and especially by the first radio transmissions and then continued by the telecommunications. For instance, the Pantheon Tower’s radio signals in 1898. In 1903, it served the radio post of the military, transmitting the public radio program for the first time in 1925, as well as the broadcasting the television until TNT in recent times.

Source: lifehacker
Source: lifehacker

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The Center of Great Events

As the 1980s, Eiffel Tower has been frequently renovated, reinstated and adapted based on the public condition. Up to decades, it has gotten notable achievements, amazing light shows, and impress visitors. As a legendary and audacious monument, Eiffel Tower has frequently inspired the challenges and artists.

The tower also often becomes the stage for many important international events, such as light shows, pyrotechnic show in the year 2000, the Tower’s centenary, sparkling lights, repairing campaign, 120th birthday’s multi-colored tower, European Union France’s Precedency marking with the blue tower, the exhibition of unique fixtures, etc.

The Magic of Light

Just like the other towers, Eiffel Tower lets the visitors seeing the spectacular rise, the wonderful view of the city of Paris, as well as the impressive guiding light in the capital city’s skies. The magic of light presented by the tower gives the sparkling lights every evening with the beacon shine.

The World’s Most Famous Monument

As the setting in Paris and the symbol of France to the world, Eiffel Tower becomes the tower with most visitors from all over the world; over 7 million visitors every year and most of them (75%) are foreigners. It is also the world’s Tower of Babel, which has been visited by more than 300 million people from all over the world and age since the launching of the tower in 1889.

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