Business Continuity Plan to Implement Post-Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has changed many sectors in business. The powerful countries even have been into lockdown and issues the outbreak as a national disaster. Its high impact in business is due to the uncertainty of the outbreak ending and when the condition turns to normal again. Even China, the centre of the worldwide industry, has learned something from the outbreak. Therefore, what we need is a goo business continuity plan to ensure our business can still rise up later on. Here are several steps of business continuity plans to implement during the pandemic.

Business Continuity Plan for COVID 19

Because of the uncertainty of the pandemic period, business owners and managers should change the plans to overcome the contractual obligations, cash management as well as the suspension or termination of contracts. Besides, business owners and managers should analyze the potential effect of the pandemic in the short, medium, and long term plans. Here is the breakdown.

Short Term

The business owners and managers must rework on the operations and establish many ways on the business market by considering the current circumstances. The business plans designed should counter the possibilities in the lockdown period and extended period. The manager must build a blueprint to handle any knock-on effects, such as supply, demand, new marketings, new regulations, and others.

Medium Term

Find the right marketing strategy such as avoiding face to face marketing strategy and growing the business online instead. It is important for a business that is getting affected by current issues. Also communicate with the local authorities such as local municipality or landlord. Perhaps you can get cost reductions on building rent or subsidies. The landlord may get relief from the government or the banks during the pandemic time.

Long Term

The long term plan might deal with financial aid. It cannot be denied if many governments and businesses experience heavy economic problems during the pandemic. The big countries such as Malaysia, Japan, and the USA try to help their citizens in the pandemic effects by providing subsidies, cash handouts, coupons, and loan reliefs. As a business owner, you can take the benefit of this program. Find the best loan for your company and rework on the business operations and the business continuity plan.

Solutions and Alternatives for Business Continuity Plan Post Pandemic

After considering the business recovery strategies, think about the realization which targets the current society. They include:

Online Business

The COVID-19 pandemic enables the technology used for business. Therefore, the online market is the main choice now. Learn how to operate and promote online business. You may use the digital marketing expert and have a business consultation with the expert.

Delivery Services

Growing your business online means a lot of packages awaited. Consider the best and right delivery service for connecting your company to the customers. Optimize the supply chains with minimum costs by using a digital assistance tool. Make good cooperation with the delivery to make sure the package arrives on time on the right hand.

People Safety and Hygiene

Always stick to the government’s regulations on the health procedure applied. Check everyone’s body temperature in your company, provide good sanitation for washing hands, and order to wear masks in the workplace. Supply medical types of equipment such as thermometers, surgical masks, disposable gloves, or disinfectants. Clean and spray disinfectant every day in the company area and working rooms. Always educate your employees for good personal hygiene and infection control.

Reducing Working Hours

The managers can also apply the work-from-home policy to reduce the working hours for cutting the budget. Make sure to get in touch with the employment laws to manage the employees to work in certain hours or flexible hours by taking unpaid leave. Set a video conference for every meeting and a daily report system through emails or other digital platforms.


One thing for sure never gives up. China businesses slowly raise from the lockdown although some of them did not survive. It is because of the global effect of the pandemic which makes the industrial good distribution is stuck. All you need to do is to plan, to prepare, and to be healthy. If you want to visit China yourself, you can purchase your flight tickets from Airpaz.


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