Can You Escape from the Haunted House?

Where do you want to go to spend your next holiday? Planning a family vacation? It’s a wonderful opportunity for everyone to bond and create lasting memories together. How about adding some excitement to your trip? Consider visiting a haunted house, where you can experience thrilling encounters and spine-chilling adventures. It’s a unique destination that will add an extra dose of thrill to your family vacation.

Selecting a vacation destination for the family with underage children is tough. You have to make sure that the place and facilities are kids-friendly. However, you can find it more flexible to travel with 18+ years old children. There are more things to do together, including exploring a haunted house. Are you ready to be scared?

Experience the Thrilling Haunted House

Experience haunted house with family and friends
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You might use to tell a creepy story every night just to make your little boy and girl go to sleep at the time. You did not want them to stay awake until midnight because of television or smartphone. Then, when there was not much to do, telling ghost story would give a little help. Will they still believe all those tales today?

Why do not you take them to the reality escape room and get lost in KL? Yes, it is time to challenge everyone, including yourself, of course. let us see if you can escape from the haunted house. Feel the horror and thrilling sensation when playing the escape room games. You can choose the themes based on its fear factor levels.

Haunted house escape rooms
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Do you love horror movies? Which one do you prefer? Is it Annabelle, Survivor or Soulmate? All of them are famous scary films. If you have ever watched them, then you can easily figure out what kind of scare to find in the haunted house-style escape rooms. Here are the steps how to start playing:

• Form a team. Since you come with your family, ask them to work together solving the game puzzles. Ask them if they are ready.
• Choose a game based on the popular themes seen on the provided posters.
• Listen to what the game masters say about the game story. Understand every part which will lead you to the escape gate.
• Reveal the mystery by solving each puzzle to complete the mission. Everyone in the team has to work together to overcome the obstacles and escape
• Be surprised or get shocked with the storylines and horror room settings.
• Get escape and save your family team.

The concept of reality escape room has been first introduced in Japan, Hong Kong and England. As more and more people are willing to pay just to get scared, the same idea has been brought by a group of friends with the big passion in the game, adventure and innovation to Malaysia. Do you want to hear your heart beating louder? Find the best flight to KL by visiting Airpaz website.


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