Firefly Promotion! 50% OFF for Year of Roaster!

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Firefly Promo Fare! 50% OFF for Year of Roaster!

Hello Malaysia!

Which comes first, The chicken or egg? It doesn’t matter, you buy first! Enjoy special promotion from Firefly for celebrate the Chinese New Year, Year of Roaster on Grab 50% off for all Firefly domestic destination. What are you waiting for? Book your flight now and unite with your family in this Year of Roaster! Continue Reading

Naughty or Nice Firefly Promotion on Airpaz till 11 December 2016 !

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Firefly Online Promo on Airpaz !

Hello Malaysia !

Have you done any good deeds this year ? or you have done bad deeds instead? don’t worry. Whatever it is, naughty or nice, you can still grab the best fare from Firefly Airlines promo on Take a direct flight to any domestic destination start from RM79. What are you waiting for? Share this with your friends and go traveling together ! Continue Reading

Promo Firefly October 2016 on Airpaz

Firefly Pay Day Diwali Promo

Firefly Pay Day ! Diwali Hey ! Enjoy colorful journey start from RM49 !

Hello Malaysia !

How’s your day ? You should have a great day because now you can enjoy your colorful journey from Firefly with all-in fare start from RM 49 for all domestic destination and all-in fare start from RM 149 for all international destination, only on Now you can take your friends to go traveling with you with a really really low fares ! What are you waiting for? Book Now ! Continue Reading