Fun Facts about Paris


Paris is the first destination for everyone who wants to travel abroad. It is a wonderful city great history and society. Besides as the City of Light and the City of Love, there are some fun facts that you should know about Paris. Continue Reading

Why is Paris Called the City of Love and Romance?

Source: lifehacker

Source: lifehacker

All people agree that Paris is called as the city of love and romance. Every couple in the world dreams to spend some time in the city even only once in their lifetime.Even it is much chosen as the place for the honeymoon or for engagement with the unforgettable moment.There are many reasons that can make the city as the city of love and romance. Continue Reading

Visit Boracay Island another Day


Boracay Island is closed for six months. It is one of the hottest news of the past two weeks. All media have reported this quite shocking issue. If it is where you want to go to spend the next holidays, you should re-arrange the plan. Continue Reading

The Amazing Design of Phanom Rung Thailand

Source: audleytravel

Source: audleytravel

Phanom Rung Thailand is one of the Khmer temples with the most amazing design. The Angkor Style construction took a long time to be finished as a Hindu Temple for Shiva; from 10thto 13th century. Located on the hilltop in Buriram Province, the official name of the temple is Prasat Hin Phanom Rung. It is on Muang Tum Khmer Complex’s base that was built about the same time. The temple is also named as Phanom Rung Stone Castle for the pink sandstone used for the main tower. Continue Reading

8 Cheap Hotels in Malaysia


Wishing to visit Malaysia soon? Have you decided where the destinations will be? There are many things you can do here like going to beaches, hiking on mountains, exploring local landmarks or historical attractions and so on. Wherever you want to go, just be sure you plan everything well especially the accommodation and transportation. Continue Reading