Find the Secrets of Malaysian Dishes at the Tropical Spice Garden Penang


Tropical spice garden Malaysia is a good start to learn about the local culinary right from its basic. If you visit this country often and fall in love with their foods, you really have to spend time checking out what is hidden behind the scene. Not all restaurants let visitors enter their kitchen. So, it is better to explore the tropical spice garden yourself. Continue Reading

Terminals at Singapore Changi Airport

source: mynewsdesk

source: mynewsdesk

Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) plays an essential role as the main airport in Singapore. Located on the eastern edge of the island, this facility provides the excellent public transportation links to every part of the country. It is even voted as one of the best airports in the globe while being a major hub in Southeast Asia and common transit between Europe and Australia for Kangaroo route. Continue Reading

Beginner’s Guide to MRT in Singapore


Singapore has been known for its world-class transportation facilities and tourism attractions. Often, first-time visitors do not know how to use its public transportation. There are many types of it, providing the comfort to the punctuality for passengers; hence many of them who come from abroad can use the public transportation like Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) in this country. Continue Reading

Enjoy Jonker Walk Melaka Malacca Malaysia For Your Joy


Have you ever noticed about Jonker Walk Melaka? This is not just a street. If you go to Malaysia, you should not miss this epic place. This historical site will serve you with Malacca overview. As the tourism destination, this place draws spotlight of Mallaca tourism. Lots of attractions are held there periodically. Those will be affordable with your ATM. Continue Reading

How to Enjoy Maya Bay in Thailand during the Rejuvenation Program


Maya bay in Thailand is one of the most famous beaches in the world. It even starts earning the fame since Leonardo de Capria started the film, The Beach. Unfortunately, you can see yourself what it has to offer since the temporary closure. The government of Thailand has informed that Maya bay will be closed from June to September as part of rejuvenation program ordered by Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP).

Maya Bay History

Maya bay location is on Phi Phi Island. It gains popularity since The Beach movie. There are 100 meter high cliffs on its three sides, making Maya bay Thailand look very stunning. Some small beaches with the low tide can be found there too.

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If you want to visit Maya Bay, the best time is between November and April. The Maya bay weather is usually fine and the seas are calm during this high season. The access to Maya bay Thailand is also easy. As it is considered as one of National Parks, the DNP set some admission fees, starting effectively from June 22th, 2015:

• The National Park fee is not allowed to be included in the tour price.
• The fee charges may change without any notification.
• Thai people can pay at a discounted rate
• Adult visitors pay 400 Baht, and children pay 200 Baht
• To enjoy Maya bay diving, anyone is charged the extra fee for 200 Baht.


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Best way to see Maya Bay

Maya bay Thailand is always crowded with tourists during the high season. If you are a peace seeker, there are always ways to experience Maya bay away from the crowds, like:

• Hiring a taxi boat and enjoying a private tour with up to 6 people to share the costs. The boats are hirable for 3 to 6 hours, depending on how many places you want to visit.
• Start the trip at sunrise or as early as possible you can.
• Let the boat driver know that you want to go to Maya bay first before other places.
• Take pictures at around 7:30 am when the sun starts shining on the beach.
• Do the documentary work as quickly as possible so you can enjoy the rest of time to relax.

Going to Maya bay Thailand during the off-season is also possible. However, because of the temporary closure during the rejuvenation program, you need alternative way enjoying this popular tourist spot. You can still enjoy the view from the cliffs.

How to get to Maya Bay

Are you planning to visit Bay in Thailand? You can go whether it is off or peak season. to reach this bay, Phuket International Airport is your entrance. Visit Airpaz website to get the cheap flight tickets. From the airport, you can go to Phi Phi Island and take the trip by water to the bay.

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