The Amazing Design of Phanom Rung Thailand

Source: audleytravel

Source: audleytravel

Phanom Rung Thailand is one of the Khmer temples with the most amazing design. The Angkor Style construction took a long time to be finished as a Hindu Temple for Shiva; from 10thto 13th century. Located on the hilltop in Buriram Province, the official name of the temple is Prasat Hin Phanom Rung. It is on Muang Tum Khmer Complex’s base that was built about the same time. The temple is also named as Phanom Rung Stone Castle for the pink sandstone used for the main tower. Continue Reading

8 Cheap Hotels in Malaysia


Wishing to visit Malaysia soon? Have you decided where the destinations will be? There are many things you can do here like going to beaches, hiking on mountains, exploring local landmarks or historical attractions and so on. Wherever you want to go, just be sure you plan everything well especially the accommodation and transportation. Continue Reading

The Unique and Instagramable Bali Ice Cream World


The wet season in Indonesia occurs between October and April. As it is about to end, you should start packing your stuff for vacation. You must have waited for this moment to visit one of the tropical counties in Southeast Asia. Be it for business trip or pleasure gateway, this country has plenty of attractions that you can visit during the dry season, from May to November. So have you decided where to go? Continue Reading

Doi Mae Hua Kham Attractions

doi mae hua kham

Kham is the Lisu Tribe and small groups of tribes such as Hmong, Akha, and Muser. The best time to visit the beautiful village is in November. At the end of the year, the village is full of wild sunflowers blooming everywhere, making the yellow look in the village. Continue Reading