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Tokyo Tower - Feature Image

Tokyo Tower and Many Interesting Attractions Available There

It would be such a waste not to visit Tokyo Tower if you happen to be in the city. The tower is the ...
Narita International Airport Close-in Enjoyment

Attractions and Enjoyment Close to Narita International Airport

Narita International Airport isn’t exactly located in the middle of Tokyo. In fact, it takes around ...
meaning of sakura flowers

Meaning of Sakura Flowers in Japanese Cultures and Japanese People

When you talk about Japan, it feels so attached to the Sakura. Although not everyone has seen the Sa...
Hamarikyu Park - Feature Image

Hamarikyu Park – Nature Gateway in the Heart of Tokyo

When is the last time you go on a picnic with family? Do you usually have to check your schedule to ...

Have a Nice Trip in Land of the Rising Sun, Japan

Listening to the word blossoms, your mind will immediately describe the natural beauty of the countr...
Akihabara - Feature Image

Akihabara, Your Heaven of Otaku, Manga, and Electronic Goods

Akihabara is a popular place in Tokyo – mostly for foreigners. The area is offering many unique thin...

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