Jewel Changi Airport, the Splendid Crown for the People of Singapore


Singapore has presented a variety of tourist attractions from the side of the tourist spots to all kinds of culinary. But do you know if local or foreign tourists now can enjoy a unique garden in Jewel Changi that has given a lot of uniqueness in it? The total area of this Jewel Park reaches 14,000 square meters added with Canopy Park that has a variety of games up to the pedestrian area to the restaurant. Continue Reading

7 Attractions You Can Visit for Free in Singapore


Enjoying a vacation should not cost you an arm and a leg. You can still save your budget wherever you go, including to Singapore. You may think it is impossible since the cost of living here is relatively expensive. It takes more serious thought with numerous regulations requiring the violators paying fines. Be an obedient visitor to keep your money safe. Wishing to know more how to stay on budget when visiting Singapore? Continue Reading

Interesting Facts You Must Know about Garden by the Bay


Singapore is a small country, seen physically. But its good development has brought and named it the economic giant in Southeast Asia. Regardless its size, the country becomes a meeting spot of multi-cultures and religions. Therefore, Singapore always looks appealing various festivals and holiday celebrations offered. Continue Reading

River Hongbao In Singapore 2018, Annual Arts & Cultural Event Not To Be Missed!

The River Hongbao Singapore 14 February 2018 to 24 February 2018 is an annual event celebrated in Marina Bay Singapore during Chinese Lunar New Year. The iconic festival has been celebrated since 1987 by the local people and the tourists alike.

The unique celebration is always held at the floating platform of Marina Bay, offering kinds of features like giant lanterns, cultural performances, and also delicious food festivals. Continue Reading