River Hongbao In Singapore 2018, Annual Arts & Cultural Event Not To Be Missed!

The River Hongbao Singapore 14 February 2018 to 24 February 2018 is an annual event celebrated in Marina Bay Singapore during Chinese Lunar New Year. The iconic festival has been celebrated since 1987 by the local people and the tourists alike.

The unique celebration is always held at the floating platform of Marina Bay, offering kinds of features like giant lanterns, cultural performances, and also delicious food festivals. Continue Reading

Best Things to See and Do in Singapore


Planning a trip to Singapore must be including the plans of where you will go and see as long as the vacation. It will make the trip well-managed, more enjoyable and less stress. Find the best things to do and see in Singapore below! Continue Reading

Green Spaces in Singapore; The Perfect place to Visit with Kids


Traveling with kids demands more preparation, especially about their needs and the right places to see during the vacation. You also can get some great places to see while traveling to Singapore with kids.

You should bring the kids there so that they will enjoy the vacation much more. Not only shopping malls and amusement parks, Singapore also have green spaces that are perfect for the kids to explore and learn the nature. Continue Reading

Typical Costs to Spend during a Trip to Singapore


Traveling to Singapore is a great choice when you need to enjoy a trip to the well-developed metropolitan city with modern attractions everywhere but still, provide the green spaces. Singapore is not the cheap destination for traveling. It means you should prepare all things well and know typical costs during the trip. Continue Reading

4 Top Places to Celebrate Halloween in Singapore!


The spooky month October always becomes one of the most wanted months throughout the year. It is almost at the end of the year and the time to celebrate an extravagant party bumping things all night long.

Yes, this is the month of Halloween, one of the most favorite months of most people. The month when scary festivals are celebrated and all people are free to design and wear their most wacky costumes, spooky trickeries, and other horrible things.

For those who will celebrate Halloween in Singapore, learn the best places to celebrate Halloween in Singapore below.

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