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Airpaz is one of the best sites for flight booking all around Asia. Of course, there are so many reasons why it is claimed like that. Despite being so accessible and practical, Airpaz also offers  easy payment for you. One of them is JomPay, new payment method is available on Airpaz. Continue Reading

Easy to Pay E-ticket With 123 Payment

Payment with 1-2-3 on Airpaz

Sawa dee ka Thailand..! Buy cheap flights and promo on now become more Easy to Pay with 1-2-3.

What is 123?

123 is magically simple for your payment methode. All it takes for customer to make purchase online is acces to the internet. No credit card is required. Million of people already pay everyday bills at payment counters, through convenience stores like Tesco Lotus. In similar way, 123 uses an extensive network of over 35,000 payment counters, ATMs, Bank branches and other payment locations to allow customers to pay for a wide range of goods and service.

123 empowers online merchants to accept payments from customers who don’t have credit cards or who are concerned about paying online. 

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Find 123 Service channels below:

Currently, 123 is accepted by 8 participating banks in Thailand. These include:

Easy to Pay with 123

These is the solution deals with cash payments over the counter and reduces problem such as credit card fraud.

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Now, Supported by 123 (2C2P) Online Payment, Enjoy Your Traveling !

Now Supported by 123 (2C2P) Online Payment. Enjoy Your Traveling !

Today, credit card are widely accepted in online store. Difficulties in the credit card application process mean that fewer than 10 milion Thai People own credit cards.  123 Service become a magically simple payment, empower online merchants to accept payment from customer who don’t have credit card.

123 is simple, ubiquitos and fraud-proff solution which empowers customer to buy online. 123 Service is easy way for online merchants to accept cash payment over the counter at branches of 7-eleven, Tesco Lotus or any Bank branches and ATM machine are giving customers the choice of paying at over 65,000 locations to allow customers to pay for  a wide range of services.

Now, for every transaction of your flight ticket on are supported by 123 Service.

Find more channels connected to 123 Service below;

Now accept 123 Service (2C2P) for Payment Method Supported by 123 Service (2C2P) Online Payment. Plan your trip and enjoy your traveling with 

Follow simple book cheap flight with Airpaz.

1.  Search Flight

  • Type or select the name of the city/Airport name or code your are depart from and arrival.
  • Click depart date (with return date if any), then a calender will pop–up.
  • Select the number of passenger with category Children Click Search Button

Now accept 123 Service (2C2P) for Payment Method 1a

2. Choose Flights

  • You will find a list of all available flights for your selected departure and return dates below by click the arrow on the price right side.

Now accept 123 Service (2C2P) for Payment Method 1b

3. Entering Contact and passenger Data

  • Enter the details of contact such as; Title (Mr/Mrs/Ms), First Name, Last Name, Country phone codes, mobile number and email. Makes sure all the data is correct.
  • Enter the detail of Passenger Data that shown in tho pessenger form. *you may required to fill the IC/ID Card/Passport number and expiry date field.
  • Click “Continue” button for next step

Now accept 123 Service (2C2P) for Payment Method 1c


4. Review your booking order before click “Book Now” button

Now accept 123 Service (2C2P) for Payment Method 1d

4. Choose Payment Method by 123 Service

Now accept 123 Service (2C2P) for Payment

5. Pop Up screen will appear , you may click “Continue” button

Now accept 123 Service (2C2P) for Payment Method 6

6. Once your payment success full our system will send e-ticket number to email you registered while order

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