Travel to China*

China, the Beautiful and Historical Land in East Asia

China is a country with a lot to explore. Not only is it renowned for the country’s achievements and contributions in the international scene, but it is rich in history and culture that goes far back to the dynasties era. For tourists like you, China has a never-ending list of attractions to visit, traditional food to try, amazing festivals to enjoy, and many more!

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Facts about Wuhan You Didn't Know

5 Interesting Facts about Wuhan You Didn’t Know

Beginning in 2020, the world was shocked by spreading corona virus outbreaks in the China region and beyond. The virus that attacks the body’s immune and respiratory system is thought to originate from one of the markets in Wuhan, China, which is known for trading illegal animals. As the corona virus broke out in Wuhan, the local government carried out isolation to prevent further spread and minimize casualties.

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Places to Find The Halal and Tasty Foods in Hong Kong

Many of the tourists coming to Hong Kong are concerned about finding halal food in the city. In reality, you may be surprised to find out that finding such food is actually easier than you think. Not only the foods are halal but they are also tasty and yummy. Some of the local authentic foods are actually halal and finding them at the heart of the city is quite straightforward.

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