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The Chinese Beautiful Yu Garden

Garden is the place of beautiful plants and flowers. The garden will make us happy and release the tiring activities. We can plant and water the plants and flowers. In China, there is a charming … Read More

chongming island

Chongming Island The Peaceful Place Near Shanghai

Have you ever heard about Shanghai? Perhaps, you have heard it when you were watching the Chinese movies. Yes, Shanghai is the largest and busiest city in China. Although Beijing is the capital city of China, Shanghai is bigger than Beijing. Shanghai is also the central business of China. But, there’s a place for relaxing and comfortable in the noisy and busy atmosphere in Shanghai. It is on Chongming Island. Chongming Island is the island near Shanghai city. This island is also flowed by the Yangtze River. It is a good place for escaping from the noisy atmosphere in Shanghai City. So let’s talk more.

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Shanghai Airport - Feature Image

Interesting Places to Visit Close to Shanghai Airport

Knowing some of the possibly accessed interesting spots around Shanghai International Airport can help you save time and manage your trip during the layover. There are some possible places that you can visit while waiting for your next flight. Keep in mind that visiting these places requires some time, so make sure that your layover is more than 3 hours. If your layover is only 3 hours, it is better to stay around the airport and make use of the available facilities.

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