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Bright Filial Piety Temple - Feature Image

The Existence of Bright Filial Piety Temple

If you are travelling to China, you may want to visit the temples. One of the most popular and also grandest temples in China is the Bright Filial Piety or Guangxiao Temple, located at Guangxiao Road – on the northern end. The temple isn’t only the grandest but also the most important one within the history of the country that has run for 1,700 years. One of the most influential keys within the temple’s existence is the fact that the temple itself had existed before the Guangzhou City was even born. Because of its key importance, the temple was chosen as the Key National Cultural Preservation Site in 1961 by the State Council.

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Shanghai Airport - Feature Image

Interesting Places to Visit Close to Shanghai Airport

Knowing some of the possibly accessed interesting spots around Shanghai International Airport can help you save time and manage your trip during the layover. There are some possible places that you can visit while waiting for your next flight. Keep in mind that visiting these places requires some time, so make sure that your layover is more than 3 hours. If your layover is only 3 hours, it is better to stay around the airport and make use of the available facilities.

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Hong Kong - Feature Image

Hong Kong Itinerary, Enjoying 3D2N Traveling Experience

Things can be overwhelming if you are coming to Hong Kong, especially if this is your first time. Despite its reputation of being the most developed and the busiest city in Asia (related to tourism, business, and trade), the city is divided into different areas, parts, and regions. Not many people know that Hong Kong consists of three different areas: the Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong island itself, and the New Territories. Before knowing which places to go or what to do during your stay, it is best to know the geography so it would be easier to get your way through.

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Datong Volcanic Park and the Unique Appeal of the Site

People have different preferences and purposes when they are travelling. Some people are travelling for work while others are for the excursion. Some are travelling for wildlife or geological explorations while some are trying to see the world. Some may have a hard time believing that certain people are actually going to volcanic platforms or areas to see the site. Well, such a site has its own appeal, anyway. If you are travelling to China, you can always go to Datong Volcano.

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