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skycycle at washuzan

Skycycle at Washuzan Highland Japan

Normally roller coaster is in the form of a car or train. It is really speedy and relies on steep slopes and tight turns which raise your adrenaline. But Skycycle is unique; it is, as its name, like a bicycle which runs with a pedal-powered. It also has lower speed because you can control the speed through the pedals.

However, it is still terrifying to cycle at low speed at the extreme height. So, how actually is SkyCycle and how to get there? Check the further description here.

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itinerary for sakura hanami

Itinerary for Sakura Hanami Festival in Japan

Japan always has its charm and charm that can make anyone want to visit. One of them is the beauty of the cherry season that is on the annual agenda and is highly anticipated. Sakura Hanami or flower watching is a spring tradition from Japan. If you want to go, learn when and where to get the best view in Japan.

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meaning of sakura flowers

Meaning of Sakura Flowers in Japanese Cultures and Japanese People

When you talk about Japan, it feels so attached to the Sakura. Although not everyone has seen the Sakura in person, it seems like everyone already knows and has heard the name Sakura. Actually, Sakura is not only found in Japan, but also in several surrounding countries such as South Korea, India, and China.

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Japan Tourist Attractions

When we are talking about tourist attractions in Japan, there are many different kinds of them. If you are an adventurous soul looking for outdoor adventure, then there are the right places for you. The same thing also applies to those who are into history and culture. If you want to visit some religious spots, you can also do it too.

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Exploring The Beautiful of Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji isn’t just a sight for sore eyes. This is a volcano in Japan – the highest one in the country. It is the icon of the country because of the perfect shape and the symmetrical form. A lot of paintings and poetries have celebrated the mountain because of the beauty. With the snow-capped view, Mount Fuji is beautiful – and somewhat artistic.

However, the mountain isn’t just a view. Hundreds of climbers have tried to reach the summit – generally between July and August. The trip to the peak is somewhat religious – it isn’t just a conquer to tame the mountain. It’s a good thing that more and more facilities are built and provided to help climbers. You don’t have to be an experienced climber to reach the peak.

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