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Taedong River - Feature Image

Taedong River and Its Appeal for Pyongyang’s Life

Taedong River is one of the most popular rivers in Korea – it is the fifth longest one in the countr...
Mount Kumgang - Feature Image

Mount Kumgang and Things to Do There

You probably think that Mount Kumgang is another regular mountain where you can trek or hike or clim...
Mount Paektu - Feature Image

The Unique Attraction of Mount Paektu

Mount Paektu is located in the Chinese and North Korean border and it has become one of the most app...
Seoraksan - Feature Image

Seoraksan National Park Visiting Guide

Seoraksan National Park is the first national park in Korea, named under the National Park Law in 19...
Daedunsan - Feature Image

Enjoying Korean Natural Mountain at Daedunsan

If you enjoy nature and outdoor activities, you may like the idea of coming to Daedunsan while in Ko...
Nami island - Feature Image

Nami Island Korea Interesting Spots and the Exploration

When people are coming to Korea, they usually include Nami Island trip in their itinerary. If you ar...

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