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Nami island - Feature Image

Nami Island Korea Interesting Spots and the Exploration

When people are coming to Korea, they usually include Nami Island trip in their itinerary. If you are familiar with some of the Korean dramas, such as Winter Sonata or Goblin, then you may want to visit the small island. The place isn’t only popular for its background in movies but also for the beautiful and scenic views.

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Suncheonman Bay - Feature Image

Eco Traveling in Suncheonman Bay and Various Activities to Do

Korea is home to many wetlands area which has their own appeal and characteristics, including Suncheonman Bay. You are probably wondering what’s so special about these wetlands. What can you see or enjoy from the vast view of green, plants, and body of water? You might be surprised to know that not everyone likes spending their time in the noisy big cities. Some of them appreciate the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the rural area, such as the wetland. After all, Suncheonman Bay is managed professionally so it is clean and attractive – an ideal tourist object in Korea.

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Upo Marsh - Feature Image

The Natural Appeal of Korea Upo Marsh

You probably don’t think that wetlands would be an ideal place to spend your vacation. However, you should come to Upo Marsh in Korea. Not only the place is beautiful, but it has its own … Read More

korea food

Halal Restaurants and Their Menu in Korea

Finding halal restaurant in Korea is relatively easy these days. The nation understands that the number of tourists coming to their country is increasing, and Moslem tourists are included in them. It creates a business potential as well because most tourists are now very conscious and ‘picky’ of what they consume. No need to worry. There are some Moslem restaurants serving halal foods – and they are certified.

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