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6 Places in Malaysia to Pass Time While Fasting

Pass time while fasting which is also known as ngabuburit, can be an interesting option to fill the time before iftar. Several places can be visited in Malaysia as an option to enjoy ngabuburit activities. You can Visit … Read More

best cafes in malacca

5 Recommended and Best Cafes in Malacca

Who doesn’t know about one of famous country in Malaysia? This country is being as historical part of Malaysia with many of historical buildings there. Therefore, lots of tourists come here. Besides, there are many interesting cafes to visit. So, here we are going to show you, the 5 recommended and best Cafe’s in Malacca that you have to know if you plan to visit Malacca to spare your holiday there. This place can be your destination to fill the empty stomach and take a rest.

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KL Sentral - Feature Image

The Appeal of KL Sentral and Available Budget Hotels

If you are planning on spending a holiday in Malaysia but you are on a tight budget, you should know the places that don’t require you to spend a fortune. It’s a good thing that there are some budget hotels not far from KL Sentral that are pretty comfy and safe. Since they are not far from the KL Sentral, you won’t have any difficulty travelling and moving around.

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Travelling between Bukit Bintang and Batu Caves in Malaysia

You are probably planning your next holiday to Malaysia and you have heard information about Batu Caves. And then you also hear about another tourist destination, Bukit Bintang. Don’t be confused. You can visit both places as long as you know how to go to Batu Caves from Bukit Bintang. But let’s explore each place first so you know what to expect from each spot.

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Bazaar Ramadhan - Feature Image

5 Top Spots of Bazaar Ramadhan in Kuala Lumpur

Are you looking forward to visiting Kuala Lumpur during Ramadhan? Since most of Malaysians are Muslims, you will find that almost everyone doe one of the five pillars of Islam, i.e. fasting from dawn to dust. Is it going to be difficult to get foods since people hold themselves all day long to not eat? Well, you can actually find restaurants open on daylight. But still, joining with Muslims hunting for foods and drinks to break their fasting or iftar at a bazaar Ramadhan is much more exciting.

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