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Grand Palace - Feature Image

Grand Palace Thailand, the Popular Royal Destination

Do you want to witness the glory of the past while learning history at the same time? Then you should head to Grand Place in Bangkok, Thailand. You can learn the history and marvel at the remains of the past. You may think that visiting the place will only give you a glimpse of the historical richness from the past, but you will actually a lot of things while doing so.

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Bungee Jumping - Feature Image

The Unique and Excitement of Reverse Bungee Jumping in Pattaya

When you are on a holiday, sometimes you want to experience a rush of adrenaline for once in a while. After all, a holiday with regular activities can be boring, right? One of the most popular attractions in Thailand (which is also popular for its adrenaline-rush of activity) is the bungee jumping. And if you want to try something different, you can always try the reverse bungee jumping – also offering the same thrill and excitement.

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Wat Arun Temple - Feature Image

Wat Arun Temple and It’s Majestic Unique Beauty

Wat Arun Temple in Thailand has become a popular landmark as well as a part of religious travel in Asia. A lot of people say that it is one of the most beautiful temples with a lot of intricate details. This temple is also known as the Temple of Dawn because of several reasons. First of all, it is named after Aruna, a Hindu God, who was believed to be the embodiment of the rising sun’s reddish glow. Second, the temple is built on a spot where the morning light can bounce it off perfectly – making it glow. Because of these reasons, the name seems fit.

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Wat Hua Krabeu - Feature Image

Wat Hua Krabeu, the Memorial for Asian Water Buffalo

Thailand, with Bangkok as the main attraction, isn’t always offering fun and extravagant things. Sure, you can definitely expect a lot of enjoyment and fun when coming to the country. But let’s not forget that each country has its own unique custom or habit that may seem unusual or odd for other people, especially foreign tourists. If you are bored with the usual exhibition of attractions, then coming to Wat Hua Krabeu will give another view of Thai’s cultural aspect and value. It will give you a richer and deeper perspective of how diverse our world can be. A sense of appreciation and respect will grow on you.

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Phuket Airport - Feature Image

Popular Destinations Not Far from Phuket Airport

So, you are in the middle of your trip where you need to stop at Phuket Airport before you can continue your journey to your final destinations. You still have more than 2 hours before you can board the next flight. What should you do? You don’t really want to spend the time inside the airport – not with the weather so bright and sunny out there! Your best way is to find a place where you can have fun and relax, and it shouldn’t be too far from the airport. No need to worry, there are some places to visit. You can have fun times hanging out there while waiting for your next schedule.

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