Celebrate New Year in the Best Places in the World to See Fireworks

Fireworks are often an entertainment for everyone, not strange if every fireworks display is always flooded with visitors. One annual event that is synonymous with fireworks is a new year’s welcoming party. Almost every city in the world has an agenda to welcome the New Year with various events.

In the series of events, there is almost always the excitement of fireworks. However, some cities in the world have firework displays that are far higher than in other regions. More color variations and longer duration making the show more attractive to visitors in various parts of the world. Planning to enjoy the end of the year by looking at fireworks celebrations, you can see some recommended place to Celebrate New Year in the Best Places.

Recommended Place to See The Excitement of Fireworks


Celebrate New Year in the Best Places

The spectacular fireworks show took place at the inauguration of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Fireworks will be put on each floor to the top with a sensation like a fire sparks running from the bottom to the top. Because of its height, fireworks launched from the Burj Khalifa can be seen from dozens of kilometers.

Hong Kong

Celebrate New Year - Hongkong

The celebration of New Years in Hong Kong usually has a spectacular pyro-musical display. In the midnight you can see lasers, fireworks and choreographed LEDs exploding across this frenetic city’s famous landscape. Tsim Sha Tsui having 270-degree, 21st-floor views of the harbour can be your choice because it can be enjoyed from the balcony or the dining room’s floor-to-ceiling windows.


Best place to see fireworks in the world

There is no harm in visiting Sydney in New Years because it’s the first major international city to celebrate the New Year at midnight. You can see the Sydney fireworks display inspired by themes that change regularly, and making the fireworks’ presentation unique every year. So, its no wonders, Sydney one of the most famous New Year’s Eve celebrations. Sydney Harbour is the major fireworks display place with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge providing a spectacular backdrop.


Celebrate New Year - Bangkok

As a top roundup list of Asia’s best nightlife cities, Bangkok can be the place for the New Year celebration. In addition Times Square, Central World Plaza, the Asiatique shopping and entertainment area along the Chao Phraya River can be the popular gathering spot in Bangkok.


Celebrate New Year - French

As a fashion city as well as the most romantic city, Paris in France has its own way to celebrate of New Year. Colorful sparks in the air will lightly grace the Eiffel tower. Here is one of the most impressive place to enjoy fireworks with the background of the most famous Eiffel tower.


Celebrate New Year - China

After the Olympics officially ended, this bird-shaped stadium remained the center of attention each year through cool fireworks. The selection of bird nest stadiums as the location of the fireworks launch is not without reason.


Celebrate New Year - London

London, as well as the capital of England, is also the center of New Year’s event celebrations in the country. You can see interesting attractions such as spectacular fireworks displays. The best view that is the focal point of a crowd of travelers, among others, in the Big Ben locale with fireworks launched from the London Eye, huge Ferris haggle of the most elevated on the world.

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