Terminal 4 Changi Airport with Modern Digital Technology

Changi Airport opens Modern Digital Technology, which is the new Terminal 4 that has been fully featured by modern digital technology. The check-in the system has been completely automated and featured by facial scanning as well as baggage drop points that have been all computerized. It’s modern digital technology but some passengers look getting difficulty when they have to do facial scanning with new digital technology.

Terminal 4 Changi Airport
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The Support for Singapore as the Leading Travel Hub

The establishment of Changi Airport’s Terminal 4 used about 985 million Singapore dollars of cost. The terminal can load up to 16 million people. It is aimed to cope the visitors that are predicted to be increasing at the top travel hub of Asia.

The new technology at the new terminal allows the passengers to check in and boarding by themselves without a need of the airport staffs’ assistance. Over 100 passengers came on the morning of the first operating day of the terminal 4; they were going to try the inaugural service out to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific.

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Some Passengers Get Difficulty on the Digital Technology

On the launching day of terminal 4 of Changi Airport, not all passengers can operate the modern technology of the new check-in machines. As the result, the travelers used the counters with the staffs that are ready to assist them.

One of the passengers that got difficulty on the check-in machine operation said that the people and the systems needed some time to get used to the new technology. Meanwhile, the facial scanning technology also causes some travelers get difficulty at the boarding gate. Then they also should be redirected to the counters and get assistance from the staffs.

Changi to the World’s Best Airport

With the modern technology and great design, Changi Airport is frequently voted as the best airport in the world. It adopts the modern technology as their way to balance the increase of travelers that use the airport.

Just like the airports of Dubai and Hong Kong, Singapore is increasingly more attractive for the travelers who want to go to Europe and Australia. Besides, this airport also gets stronger competition to Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok Airports in attracting passengers as the increasing of mainland Chinese and South East Asia’s visitors.

The high technology of Changi Airport’s Terminal 4 must is attractive too for you. Then you can travel to Singapore or use the terminal as a hub when traveling abroad. Book the flight tickets on Airpaz so that you can easily choose the flights with Changi Airport’s Terminal 4 as the hub.


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