Cheap and Varied Suvarnabhumi Food Court in Bangkok

Spending time in the plane will make your family and you tired and hungry. Get something to eat at a place close to the airport where you have taken off.

If you think to look for some food at the Airport is too expensive than others, you have to try to buy it in Suvarnabhumi Food Court at Bangkok’s International Airport. There, you will be served a variety of menus ranging from Thai food to food from various other countries.

Waiting for arriving guests or just super hungry after a long flight is the fantastic mall style Suvarnabhumi Food Court on the first floor, offering a great variety of Thai food at very cheap price. Many varieties of restaurants at Suvarnabhumi airport can make you confused about choosing them.

Every food court has a variety of prices even though, you get the same food. But don’t worry, these restaurants are recommended for you.

Suvarnabhumi Airport Food Court

1. Magic Food Point

Magic Food Point is the food court canteen that sells varied foods. But, located in Suvarnabhumi Foodcourt is quite hidden like an employee canteen at Suvarnabhumi Airport. It makes not many travellers know about the existence of this place. You come to eat well without spending a lot of money because the food prices are cheaper than many restaurants there.

To buy food and drinks we are required to buy vouchers to be able to make transactions. After exchanging money with a voucher at the counter near the entrance, we can choose food and drinks at the desired stand and give the voucher to the stand instead of cash.


2. Nero by Black Canyon Caffe

For those wanting to taste Thai brand fast food restaurant or a number of quick meals, you can get it in Nero by Black Canyon Caffe. Not only both of foods can you get there but also many foods and soft drinks. If you are on the first floor, you can get a Caffe Nero by Black Canyon in the Main Terminal.


3. Dairy Queen

In fact, there are much cheap food courts that you can get at Suvarnabhumi Airport, but Dairy Queen is a recommended place for you to buy some foods. Trying to save your money in travelling, Dairy Queen in the international departure area is the place to eat.

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4. Whittard of Chelsea

It belongs to a British company being able to get your favourite food in the morning. it’s caused the prices are cheaper than many of the other cafes and bakeries

Halal food for Muslims at the GED airport

It will not be difficult for you all want to get Suvarnabhumi Food at the airport. It is because there are so many food courts that you will get to be able to eat there. Below are some food court that is cheap and guaranteed to be halal:

1. The Miracle – Food Village

It is a food court group that sells halal food. This place is located on the 3rd floor between rows of restaurants. It’s easy to find this place. The model is like a small house in front / across a row of other restaurants or cafes. The building seems to suddenly appear in the middle of the corridor that should be used for pedestrians.

Therefore, we have to walk in a curve to get there. The Miracle One outlet serves burgers, sandwiches (sandwiches), spaghetti bolognese, fried rice, fried chicken, chicken fillet with rice, and halal biriani rice chicken. The halal logo is there clearly on the menu board. Food prices here are quite friendly for the size of international airports, from 35 baht to 55 baht per serving.


2. Magic Food Point

Another halal food provider is on the 1st-floor Food Court called “MAGIC FOOD POINT”. There is one counter that sells halal food (rice, vegetables and side dishes) in the corner. If we step into the Food Court, this counter is on the left (you have to turn left) and will see the counter instructions. The good news is that the price of food here is not as expensive as the restaurants on the top floor, very suitable for budget travellers, and the food is also good. Other sellers provide Turkish kebabs. Drinks are also available here. That’s the only halal food available at The Miracle. You may also be able to order food in other places with few special requests that can meet halal food requirements.

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