Cheap Flight – Kualalumpur (September 2014)

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Dear Airpazers.

Let’s traveling to Hanoi, Boracay,  Siem Raap with cheap flight and it will be more exciting adventure  fly from Kuala Lumpur. And find other cheapest flight and promo fly from Medan, Bandung,  Jakarta, Surabaya start from IDR 59,000.

Book low fare now for booking periode: 01 September 2014-14 September 2014 and travel periode 08 September 2014-15 December 2014.

We encourage you to  make your booking in advance and you need to know that fares are not available during embargo period.

Find more cheapest flight from Airasia

1. Fly from Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Jakarta to:


Yogyakarta Rp 296,500 Book
Surabaya Rp 396,600 Book
Bali Rp 546,200 Book
Medan – Kualanamu Rp 688,100 Book


Kuala Lumpur Rp 389,000 Book
Penang Rp 679,000 Book
Singapore Rp 309,000 Book
Bangkok – Don Mueang Rp 859,000 Book
Phuket Rp 649,000 Book

2. Fly from Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali to:


Surabaya Rp 304,200 Book
Bandung Rp 395,500 Book
Yogyakarta Rp 398,800 Book
Jakarta Rp 546,200 Book


Darwin Rp 509,000 Book
Perth Rp 774,000 Book
Kota Kinabalu Rp 559,000 Book
Singapore Rp 546,200 Book

3. Fly from Husein Sastranegara Airport, Bandung to:


Surabaya Rp 509,000 Book
Bali Rp 774,000 Book
Pekanbaru Rp 559,000 Book
Singapore Rp 546,200 Book


Kuala Lumpur Rp 329,000 Book
Singapore Rp 229,000 Book

4. Fly from Kualanamu Airport, Medan – Kualanamu to:

Jakarta Rp 688,100 Book
Kuala Lumpur Rp 169,000  Book
Penang Rp 169,000 Book
Bangkok – Don Mueang Rp 479,000 Book

5. Fly from Adi Sucipto Airport, Yogyakarta to:

Jakarta Rp 296,500 Book
Bali Rp 398,800  Book
Singapore Rp 609,000  Book

6. Fly from Juanda International Airport, Surabaya  to:


Bali Rp 304,200 Book
Bandung Rp 368,000 Book
Jakarta Rp 396,600 Book


Johor Bahru Rp 619,000 Book
Kuala Lumpur Rp 579,000 Book
Penang Rp 779,000 Book

7. Fly from Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (klia2), Kuala Lumpur to:

Bandung Rp 506,000 Book
Jakarta Rp 584,000 Book
Medan – Kualanamu Rp 310,000 Book
Surabaya Rp 780,000 Book

8. Fly from Penang International Airport, Penang to:

Jakarta Rp 1,015,000 Book
Medan – Kualanamu Rp 271,000 Book
Surabaya Rp 1,242,000 Book

9. Fly from Changi Airport (Terminal 1), Singapore to:

Bali Rp 1,024,000 Book
Bandung Rp 634,000 Book
Jakarta Rp 732,000 Book
Semarang Rp 927,000 Book
Surabaya Rp 780,000 Book
Yogyakarta Rp 1,073,000 Book

10. Fly from Don Mueang International Airport, Bangkok – Don Mueang to:

Jakarta Rp 1,208,000 Book
Medan – Kualanamu Rp 792,000 Book

Plan your trip, find more promo and cheapest flight with and happy traveling


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