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Fly to:FareTravel PeriodBook
Kuala LumpurS$3605/10-14-13/11-14 Book
BangkokS$4516/09-14-13/11-14 Book
KrabiS$4516/09-14-13/11-14 Book
PhuketS$4513/09-14-12/10-14 Book
Ho Chi Minh CityS$5008/10-14-14/11-14 Book
LangkawiS$5015/09-14-27/11-14 Book
PenangS$5928/09-14-11/11-14 Book
Phnom Penh S$6407/09-14-30/11-14 Book
Hat YaiS$7007/10-14 -31/07-15 Book
JakartaS$7201/10-14 -08/11-14 Book
SurabayaS$7911/09-14 -30/11-14 Book
HaikouS$8011/10-14 -11/11-14 Book
HanoiS$8025/10-14 -13/11-14 Book
Hong KongS$8020/10-14 -13/11-14 Book
KaliboS$8031/10-14 -26/11-14 Book
BandungS$9510/09-14 -13/11-14 Book
Denpasar (Bali)S$9807/09-14 -22/10-14 Book
YangonS$9807/10-14 -30/11-14 Book
Chiang MaiS$10011/09-14 -13/11-14 Book
MacauS$10024/10-14 -10/11-14 Book
ManilaS$11609/09-14 -30/11-14 Book
HyderabadS$12007/10-14 -13/11-14 Book
KochiS$12019/09-14 – 07/11-14 Book
MaleS$12026/10-14 -12/11-14 Book
PerthS$12014/09-14 – 31/10-14 Book
ChennaiS$12908/09-14 -31 /07-15 Book
GuangzhouS$12921/09-14 -20/11-14 Book
CebuS$13114/09-14 -10/12-14 Book
ShenzhenS$13908/09-14 -24/11-14 Book
ClarkS$14507/09-14 -30/11-14 Book
BangaloreS$15010/09-14 -30/09-14 Book
ThiruvananthapuramS$16109/09-14 -20/09-14 Book
Tiruchirapalli (Trichy)S$16908/09-14 -31/07-15 Book
TaipeiS$17326/10-14 -11/11-14 Book
DhakaS$17906/10-14 -31/07-15 Book
NingboS$18811/10-14 -13/11-14 Book
LijiangS$21128/10-14 -11/11-14 Book

Light international fares are the lowest available single price fares for all-in  one-way travel with hand luggage only including taxes and excluding $9 booking fee. Light international fares must be purchased online.

TR – designated flights are operated by Tigerair Singapore

TZ – designated flights are operated by Scoot



1. We encourage you to make early booking

2. Fare are not available during embargo periode.

Payment Method:

All Debit/Credit Card


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