Cheap Things to Do in Singapore


Singapore belongs to expensive countries to visit. The prices in the tiny city-state are relatives to the United States and it is the most expensive country to visit compared with the neighbor countries.

However, traveling around the world will not be completed if you don’t visit Singapore. You still can make the trip cheaper by having cheap or even free activities below.

The Underground Malls Singapore

Getting around in the underground malls Singapore will not demand you to spend any amount of money, provided that you don’t shop anything there. The malls are also the perfect place to cool off from the very hot temperature of the city. The air conditioners are always active at the malls even at nights. So you don’t have to pay much more for the air conditioner at the hostel or hotel.

Eat in Little India or Chinatown with the Cheap Foods

Restaurants in Singapore are certainly expensive, but you can get cheap foods in Little India and Chinatown. Try the great Indian meals in Little India that only costs$5 SGD per meal. The Indian meals are very authentic and try the sensation of eating with hands.

Meanwhile, if you love Chinese foods then Chinatown will be your perfect destination to have great foods at cheap prices. The hawker foods and dim sum are great here. Chinatown Singapore is not only a great place to eat cheaply, but also the great place to get around for it is also the place of some cool temples.

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Have a Lunch at the Discounted Restaurants

If you want to have another choice besides the cheap meals, it will be nice having a lunch at the restaurants that offer some discounts. The set lunch might also give some discounts for dinner foods. You can also check bigger discounts at the restaurants in the underground mall.

Visit Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens are the great place to visit if you don’t want to spend any money. Yes, it is free to walk around the beautiful gardens. The best time to visit the gardens is in the morning and evening when the temperature has been getting down. The gardens are commonly used for t’ai chi practices in the morning. On the weekends, free concerts are often held in the gardens.

Therefore, just try to get the discounts, free attractions, and walking in Singapore if you want to have cheap traveling to the tiny country without breaking the bank. Besides, get the cheap flight tickets too through Airpaz booking website. You can also use price alert to adjust your traveling budget. Happy Travelling…

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