Get Familiar With Chennai Airport: An In-Depth Explanation

Chennai Airport is one of the busiest airports in India. It is not surprising since Chennai has been known to be the center of industry. If you are visiting Chennai, you need to get familiar with the airport. Otherwise, you may find yourself lost and confused.

As an international airport, it provides a hub for some international flights and airlines like Alliance Air, Trujet, Blue Dart Aviation and Indigo.

The former’s name of this airport is Madras Airport before the government changed it to Chennai. Especially after the city becomes well-known to international audiences. Operating since 2019, it serves more than 22 million passengers a year, making it one of the busiest airports in the world.

To get around the airport, there is essential information you need to know once you arrive at Chennai.

About Chennai Airport

About Chennai Airport
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The airport of Chennai resides near the heart of the city, precisely in Tamil Nandu district. The distance from the airport to the capital is around 13 kilometers. In addition, it has several terminals that serve the arrival and departure of both domestic and international flights.

Not only that, the airport also serves supporting facilities such as restaurants, duty-free shops, currency exchange, and transportation modes for passengers.

What are the terminals and the facilities they provide? Follow this guideline so you will get to know the Chennai airport better.

Terminals & Facilities

Terminals Facilities
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Chennai Airport has three terminals with different functions. The three terminals are terminal 1, terminal 3, and terminal 4. Moreover, each of the terminals has its own facilities. For example, terminal 1 is for entry gates and serves both domestic and international flights.

As for Terminal 3, the location is located in the same building as Terminal 1, so it provides easier access to transfer between the two terminals. Terminal 4 is located further, at a distance approximately one kilometer away from Terminal 1 and 3.

Remember, you will also need additional transportation to reach Chennai Airport Terminal 4

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Once you arrive at the airport, you may get jet-lagged or tired from the long flight. It is nice to have a quick nap or a place to rest your body. That is why there are many hotels around the airport. 

The Chennai airport hotel ranges from the one inside the airport to the one near the terminals. As for the facilities, it will depend on the level of the hotel. 

A five-star hotel will provide you with the best experience of staying in. However, if you just need a quick rest to continue your next flight, you can choose the cheapest and nearest hotel.

Also, the airport provides lounges where you can pay for a quick rest, shower, and meal. The rate of the lounge is usually hourly. If you want to find out more information about the hotels & accommodations near the airport, you can click the link below.

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It will be a hassle if you do not know how to get to the city or your next destination once you arrive at the airport. Therefore, you will also need to get familiar with Chennai airport transportation

mode around the airport.

There are some transportation modes available near the airport. For example, you can get to Chennai city by bus. The bus stop is available outside of the airport. Once you pass the arrival gate, you can walk a few meters to reach the stop.

Moreover, you can also catch a taxi outside the airport. Taxi is quicker and more private if you feel exhausted from your long flight. You can also bring your luggage more easily as you can put it in the taxi’s baggage.

For those who want to reach Terminal 4 of the airport, there is a traveling walkway of the connected building between Terminal 3 and Terminal 4. As for the Chennai Airport Terminal 1, it is only for domestic flights.

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Duty-Free Shop

Duty-Free Shop
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Just like any other international airport, Chennai also has a duty-free shop. The Chennai airport duty-free shop allows you to buy various stuff without having to pay additional tax. As for the products, you can find a wide variety of cosmetics, fashion, food, jewelry, tobacco, and many more.

The duty-free shop is located in Terminal 4, where almost all international flights are. Thus, once you arrive or are about to depart, you can visit the shop and spend time choosing your favorite brands.

Now that you are more familiar with Chennai Airport, it is best to book your flight and hotel to enjoy your trip to Chennai. For an amazing ticketing experience, you can book now at Airpaz!


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