List of Recommended Chennai Airport Hotel You Should Know

A long-hour flight can be exhausting, especially if you have to transfer between flights during a layover. That is why there are many hotels near airports to provide you with the convenience of having a good rest. If you are visiting India, there are a wide variety of Chennai Airport hotel choices that will give you the best accommodations.

Chennai Airport Hotels

Here is the list of recommended hotels to stay during your visit in Chennai. These hotels are close enough to the airport.

1. Sleepzo

Sleepzo / Unsplash

For now, the airport newly launched a sleeping pod in Chennai airport. It is called Sleepzo.

If you want to have a quick nap before catching your next flight, the Chennai airport hotel launched a sleeping pod hotel. They named it Sleepzo. The concept of this hotel consists of a room capsule with the size just enough for one person.

Inside the room, you can get one bed, a reading lamp, a small space for your luggage, and a screen to watch TV. Also, designed with the concept like an airspace room, it looks modern and still cozy to stay despite the minimalist size.  

The information of the Chennai airport sleeping pods price has not been disclosed. However, it is most likely cheaper compared to other hotels so it will be a nice choice for you who just want to have a few hour naps inside the airport building.

As for the hotel outside but still a hotel near Chennai airport to go, here is the list.

2. Grace Residency Hotel

Grace Residency Hotel
Grace Residency Hotel / Unsplash

One of the closest hotels near Chennai airport is Grace Residency. It is only 150 meters away from the airport. In addition, it has all the basic hotel amenities and facilities. You will get a double bed, shower amenities, television, phone, and free air conditioner.

Furthermore, the hotel has other facilities such as airport shuttle, free parking, restaurant, and wake up service. Wake up service will help you to wake up on time if you are about to catch the next flight. As for the price, it is relatively cheap from 2,600 to 2,800 INR, or 31,48 to 41 USD.

3. Southern Comfort Hotel

Southern Comfort Hotel
Southern Comfort Hotel / Unsplash

The next hotel is Southern Comfort Hotel. This hotel is one of the coziest stay-ins near Chennai airport. In addition, it offers an ambience room with a comfortable bed. You can choose either double or twin beds.  Not only will you get a comfortable room, it is also smoking-free with dining service available.

Other facilities the Southern Comfort Hotel offers are coffee and tea maker, restaurant, free internet connection, television, and 24 hour reception desk. Hence, the facilities are complete enough to have a long stay near the airport. The distance is about one kilometer away from the airport. As for the price, it ranges from 5,000 to 6,000 INR, or 60,53 to 70,64 USD.

Best Hotel Recommendations

4. Zingle Stay Airport

Zingle Stay Airport
Zingle Stay Airport / Unsplash

Another hotel for layover while waiting for your flight is Zingle Stay Hotel. This hotel brings authentic Indian style with a good ambience room. Moreover, it also offers airport shuttle service where the staff will pick you up from the airport and send you off directly when your flight schedule is coming. 

In addition, you will also enjoy some facilities in the hotel such as free internet connection, room service, coffee house, restaurant, and car hire.

Not only can you have a quick nap here, you can also enjoy a staycation once you want to explore Chennai but still close enough to the airport. As for the distance, it is about 1,7 kilometers from the airport. Moreover, it will only cost you around 2,500 to 2,700 INR, or 30,26 to 32,69 USD for a one-night stay in a twin or double bed.

5. Crossway Parklane Chennai Airport Hotel

Crossway Parkland Chennai Airport Hotel
Crossway Parklane Chennai Airport Hotel / Unsplash

Staying near Chennai airport is easy if you find a suitable hotel. One of the recommended hotels near the airport is Crossway Parkland. This hotel is only 1,8 kilometers away from terminal 3 and 4. 

Thus, you will only need a short ride to go to and from the airport. As for the facilities of the hotel, you can enjoy a spa in the spa & wellness room, restaurant, flat-screen television, coffee & tea maker, air-conditioned room, and free Wi-Fi connection.

In addition, you can also get an airport shuttle ride. After you book a room, you can inform the staff about your arrival’s time so the staff will pick you up from the airport. Hence, you do not need to worry about having to look for a transportation ride to go to the hotel. 

As for the price, this Chennai Airport transit hotel costs 2,600 to 5,000 INR, or 31,48 to 60,53 USD, depending on the room type. The room’s choice ranges from standard, deluxe, and suite.

Maintaining your health and having a comfortable trip while going to and from the airport is not impossible. You can just book a Chennai Airport hotel to stay so you will stay fit and have a happy trip. To book your hotel and flight ticket, book only at Airpaz. We can help you have an enjoyable trip. Book your room now and get the best offer.


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