All About Chennai Airport Terminal and The Facilities You Should Know

India has one of the busiest airports in the world. It is the Chennai International Airport. Known as the city of industry and culture, tourists who visit India usually come to Chennai for the experience. 

However, getting there alone can be difficult if you do not know the place well. Especially if your flight destination is Chennai airport. As you plan your vacation, let’s get to know the Chennai Airport terminal and its facilities so you will not get lost and can utilize the facilities there.

Chennai Airport Terminals

Chennai Airport Terminals
Chennai Airport Terminals / Pixabay

The International Airport of Chennai has three terminals. However, only two of the terminals serve international flights. Also, the government skips the second terminal and has terminal 1, terminal 3, and terminal 4 instead.

The terminal has two functions, the domestic and international ones.

Chennai Airport Domestic Terminal

Chennai Airport Domestic Terminal
Chennai Airport Domestic Terminal / Pixabay

The domestic terminal in Chennai is in terminal 1.

Terminal 1

The first terminal in Chennai airport is terminal 1. It is the one that serves domestic flights. Therefore, the landing is specified for Indian airlines only.

In addition, Chennai airport terminal 1 serves twenty domestic airlines. The airlines like IndiGo, Jet Airways, Indian Air, are the domestic flights for people who want to travel within India.

The facilities you can get in terminal 1 are:

–          Nine boarding gates for the flight. You can check which boarding gate you need to go by looking at the ticket

–          Conference room. Doing a business trip that requires immediate meeting is easy because this airport provides a conference room.

–          Restaurants and cafes. Feeling hungry from a layover? Just hop on one of the restaurants or cafes and you will have the experience to taste various foods and beverages

–          Child Care Room. There is a specific room for minors and babies if you happen to bring one on your flight.

Other facilities include an ATM, lost & found counter, vending machine, and also a duty-free shop.

Chennai Airport International Terminals

Chennai Airport International Terminals
Chennai Airport International Terminals / Pixabay

The international terminals in Chennai are terminal 3 and terminal 4.

Terminal 3

The next Chennai airport terminal is terminal 3. This is the first terminal dedicated for international flights.  Also, it has 45 check-in counters and accepts international passengers. What differs from the terminal is, it provides facilities that accommodate the needs of international tourists. Some of the facilities are:

–          Currency Exchange. If you have not had the Indian currency, you can exchange your money in a currency exchange. In addition, they also accept money from across the world

–          Lounges. If you have a layover and need to wait for your next flight, you may rest in the lounge. They also allow you to pay hourly where you can take a shower, have a quick nap, and have some drinks.

–          Railway Information Center. In this counter, you can get to know the schedule of the local train. Thus, it helps you to get by to the city if you want to go by train. Moreover, it also provides information and ticketing for domestic rides.

–          Duty-free shop. In a duty-free shop, you can shop souvenirs or get your favorite drink, watches, and fashion items with no additional tax.

Other facilities in Chennai airport terminal 3 are Lost and Found counter, ATMs, Child care, and ADA assistance.

Terminal 4

The second international terminal in Chennai airport is terminal 4. It is also the newest building in the airport. The government established terminal 4 in 2017. For now, it only has limited function as the departure gate for international flights.

However, in the future, Chennai airport terminal 4 will have all the main functions the terminal 3 has as an international terminal.

In here, you can get the following facilities:

–          Prayer Rooms. You can pray here comfortably as the airport provides a specific room for passengers to pray. It is really beneficial especially for those who have to endure a long flight.

–          Lost and Found Counter. In this counter, you can look up for lost stuff if you happen to not be able to find something in your luggage. The counter is also safe as it has a special guard and a staff that will help you find your lost items.

–     Information Center. In this information center, you can ask for any information regarding the airport maps, schedule and also other related questions. The staff will readily try to help you to get well-informed.

Other Chennai airport facilities in terminal 4 are vending machines, rest rooms, and security check.

Inter-Terminal Transports

Inter-Terminal Transports
Inter-Terminal Transports / Pixabay

The distance between terminal 1 to terminal 3 and 4 are relatively far, but since they serve different kinds of passengers, people rarely need to transfer. Still, the Chennai airport transfer has a flyover to cross between terminals. As for the inter-terminal transport from terminal 3 to terminal 4 and vice versa, you can ride golf carts that run every 10-20 minutes.

With all this information about Chennai airport terminal, you can be assured to have a comfortable and safe trip once you arrive at the airport. Do not forget to only book your flight at Airpaz, the only ticketing service you can trust.


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